Fans are hoping for a strong comeback from Los Angeles Lakers after the faulty campaign last year. Even though the Lakers have lost all three of their preseason encounters, the team is still appearing to be in a better groove than the last season. The addition of Patrick Beverley will provide some much-needed support for the \’Big Three.\’ Meanwhile, columnist Skip Bayless noticed something about the players sitting in the stands. As a result, it inspired a response from the newbie Patrick Beverley.

Lakers\’ Patrick Beverley Shuts Down Skip Bayless!

When the deal for Patrick Beverley to pair him with longtime rival Russell Westbrook was made, it looked a little strange. The absence of another demonstrative personality on this squad was the very last thing that was required. Fortunately, so far, everything has gone rather smoothly. Beverley is prepared to lead another club to the playoffs, while Westbrook is back with the squad as he attempts to get his life in order. 


However, the sports columnist and well-known Lebron James & Lakers hater Skip Bayless is keen on finding something to start a controversy. When Bayless realized that Westbrook wasn\’t on the bench with James, Beverley, and Anthony Davis wearing street clothes, he attempted to stir the pot. However, newly recruited Lakers star Patrick Beverley was going to take none of it. 

Patrick Beverley observed the same thing and was compelled to prevent the analyst from leading him astray. Things appear to be going well at the Lakers\’ camp, and Beverley doesn\’t want Bayless filling people\’s heads with lies. Replying to Bayless\’ speculative Tweet, Beverley shot down any such rumors. In his reply, Beverley wrote, \”No, it doesn\’t. Stop searching skip. Sheesh\”

Skip Bayless\’ speculations were centered around the reports of the Lakers trying to trade away Russell Westbrook. This summer, the Los Angeles Lakers looked for a trade partner for Russell Westbrook. The Lakers were looking for a method to release him from his $47 million this year. However, when no viable deal could be found, Russ and the Lakers agreed to attempt to make things work. Skip Bayless, though, continues to have reservations about the same.

Westbrook\’s position hasn\’t been made very clear this season. Many pundits appear to believe that he\’ll continue to play in the same ball-dominant manner that he has for the past several seasons, with Beverley providing defense and 3-point shooting. There shouldn\’t be too many problems with such a setup.

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