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“One Of My Heroes,” Yankees Oswaldo Cabrera Gets Emotional After Meeting Fellow Venezuelan & MLB Great Miguel Cabrera

The world of baseball is often described as a close-knit community. It’s a place where players from different generations and backgrounds come together through their shared love for the game. One of such a kind is Venezuelan native Oswaldo Cabrera. He rose through to the ranks to earn a major league call-up from none other than the New York Yankees.

Oswaldo Cabrera joined the organization at the tender age of 16. However, the Covid pandemic played a spoilsport in his growth. Nevertheless, the utility player didn’t lose hope and worked hard to feature in the pinstripes this season. While his 2023 season has been filled with ups and downs, Cabrera earned an opportunity to meet with one of his childhood heroes, which made him emotional.


Oswaldo Cabrera Recalls Surreal Meeting With Childhood Hero, Miguel Cabrera

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On a casual Tuesday afternoon, New York Yankees utility man Oswaldo Cabrera had his dream encounter. He got a chance to meet with his childhood hero and fellow Venezuela native, Miguel Cabrera. The 21-year MLB veteran is playing his last season with the Detroit Tigers and is considered to be a future Hall of Fame candidate. For a young Cabrera, Miguel served as a major inspiration. Not many players from Venezuela made it big when Oswaldo was growing up in a small town. At that time, it was only Miguel who kept the utility player’s hopes alive. Now, years later, the 24-year-old came face to face with his hero and couldn’t control his emotions.

Before actually meeting Miguel Cabrera in person, Oswaldo Cabrera saw him playing from third base and almost cried. He said if it weren’t for the cameras, he would have sobbed happy tears on the field. The utility player added that while people don’t recommend meeting their heroes, his encounter with Miguel has been awesome. “Obviously, he’s a legend in Venezuela. He was one of my heroes when I was a kid. Being on the same field with him, that means a lot,” added Oswaldo. He tried to limit his words as he wanted Miguel to have a good impression of him. For the 24-year-old to come from Venezuela and share the same field as Miguel Cabrera means a lot. It was surely a moment the rookie will cherish throughout his lifetime.

Yankees Skipper Shares Future Plans For Oswaldo Cabrera

Oswaldo Cabrera
Oswaldo Cabrera made his Opening Day debut on March 30, though he struck out four times. Corey Sipkin for the NY Post

Oswaldo Cabrera ditched his rookie status by starting in left field this season for the Yankees. However, his inconsistent form got him in and out of the team multiple times throughout the season. Now that the utility player is back in the squad, manager Aaron Boone has revealed plans for him. The skipper says Cabrera has a long career ahead of him, and the camp still thinks highly of him.

Aaron Boone says the Major League is a tough game. One needs to make adjustments and go through a grind to settle on the plate fully. For Oswaldo Cabrera, this is the time for the grind. The Yankees management wants him to get as many opportunities as possible to get him familiar with multiple positions. They still do and will continue to back him in the near future.