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REVEALED: The Only Condition Under Which New York Yankees Can Fire Manager Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees are set on a path to record a losing season for the first time since 2016. With 63-68, the team sits last in the East division, 8.5 games below the playoff wildcard spot. With only over 30 odd games remaining on the schedule, securing a postseason berth is next to impossible for the reigning AL-East champions.

Having said that, a lot went wrong with the New York Yankees this season. From mediocre gameplay to injuries to dubious managerial decisions, nothing worked in favor of the franchise. Meanwhile, as the team inches closer to an early elimination, the blame game has begun brewing in the front office, and skipper Aaron Boone has been caught at the center of it.


Aaron Boone To Escape Scrutiny, Likely To Keep His Job For Imminent Future

Aaron Boone (l) and Brian Cashman Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

New York Yankees recruited Aaron Boone as the franchise’s manager back in 2018. Boone brought good fortune with him as the team made it to the playoffs each year under his tenure. However, unfortunately, the streak is about to come to an end this season. At the end of 131 games, the Bombers sit at the bottom of AL-East, way below the wildcard spot. At this rate, the club is likely to fall out of the postseason race before September ends. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of a disastrous season, skipper Aaron Boone has been made to take the fall. He has been blamed for the losing streak and also for failing to produce solutions to players’ individual struggles.

Recently, rumors of Aaron Boone’s sacking gained momentum. However, as per Andy Martino of SNY, Boone has garnered the support of general manager Brian Cashman, who is responsible for managerial decisions. Hence, Cashman is unlikely to fire Boone at the end of the year. Having said that, the power to overrule Cashman’s decision lies in the hands of franchise owner Hal Steinbrenner. He can overrule the GM’s baseball operations department and sack the Yankees skipper if deemed necessary. But such a thing has never happened before in the history of the franchise. The ownership has never meddled with managerial decisions. Hence, Aaron Boone is likely to keep his job for the 2024 season owing to complete support from the GM and the players alike.

Yankees GM Apparently Saved Aaron Boone’s Job In 2021

Credit: AP

Meanwhile, Andy Martino of SNY has made yet another startling revelation. He said that in 2021, Hal Steinbrenner was being influenced by some people to fire skipper Aaron Boone and replace him with Buck Showalter. Buck was working as an analyst for YES Network at that time. Boone’s departure looked certain. However, general manager Brian Cashman intervened in the nick of time to secure Boone’s job.

Since the decision to determine the manager’s future lies with Brian Cashman, he lent his complete support to Aaron Boone and refused to fire him under any circumstances. Due to Cashman’s opposition, the discussion to let go of the skipper never really gained momentum. Since Steinbrenner trusts Cashman’s guts, he let him have his way in 2021. Now, it seems the GM is going to have his say this time around as well.