Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone let Laz Diaz know what he thought of his strike calls. (Jamie Sabau/Reuters)

Skipper Aaron Boone was hired as the New York Yankees manager back in 2018 owing to his candid and aggressive nature. Over the years, he has built a strong relationship with the team and has managed to garner the utmost respect. He knows that the players have faith in him and are willing to do whatever he says.

Hence, as their manager and leader, it’s Aaron Boone’s responsibility to stand by the team when things get difficult out there, just like what’s happening this year. As the Yanks inch closer to playoff elimination, Boone has done nothing but defend his players despite the downfall. Boone’s very same attitude has landed him in trouble.


Aaron Boone Claps Backs At Fans Calling For His Immediate Firing

Aaron Boone
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The New York Yankees have set no foot right this season. From roster construction to injury setbacks to analytical approach, every other tactic has worked against them. However, despite all the wrongdoings, the club’s manager, Aaron Boone, has been rallying unwavering support for his players. He has always blamed the circumstances for the humiliating losses. After all, it’s not in Boone’s nature to call out his players publically. He has a well-built clubhouse to carry out the procedure. However, the fans are not happy with the skipper’s attitude. They want the franchise’s ownership to hold him accountable by firing him towards the end of the season. The demand has been communicated via boos and jeers during the team’s home games.

Amid growing resentment, the Yankees skipper gave a strong statement to shut down the agitated fans. Aaron Boone said that neither does he reads stuff on the newspaper nor does he check the Twitter mentions. But, the skipper does watch games on the MLB network through which he has been made aware of the public outrage. Having said that, Boone tends not to worry about the stuff that is out of his control. He has a broader perspective, which allows him to separate these things. In a message to the outraged fans, Boone said that they might as well shout on the TV screens because he cannot hear them, nor will he pay any heed to it. There is nothing the skipper believes he can do or cannot do to secure his job rather than continue to work in the same way he has all these years.

Yankees Manager Could Be Made The Scapegoat At The End Of The Year

Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone

Meanwhile, Bob Klapisch of NJ Media stirred up a huge debate on social media with startling claims. He wrote that sources within the Yankees organization suggest that someone could get fired at the end of the year. The sacking would be done as a consequence of the team’s downfall this season, and it won’t be general manager Brian Cashman.

If it’s not Cashman, then it’s definitely skipper Aaron Boone. As per recent rumors, Boone and his entire coaching staff, including the analytical team, could be shown exit doors this year. Hence, it’s plausible that Aaron Boone could be managing the last 35 games of his tenure as the Yanks manager. Regardless, it’s unverified rumors for now. Circumstances and opinions could change during the off-season.