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Once Ranked As AL-East Favorites, How Did The Yankees Collapse All The Way Down To The Bottom?

The New York Yankees have tumbled all the way down to the bottom of the AL-East table after suffering an embarrassing defeat (2-15) against the Texas Rangers. The Yankees, who at the start of the tournament, were favorites to retain their east title, now struggle to shred off the bottom place. But how did the $7 billion club end up in this grave situation in the first place?

For starters, let’s address the elephant in the room, the injury concerns. It had nagged the Yankees even before the season commenced and continues to haunt them. Secondly, the injury of the captain, Aaron Judge, has further weakened the struggling offense. It’s worth noting that since Judge has been sidelined, the Bombers have remained winless. Last but not least, the struggling pitching rotation. But the main question is, what can the Yankees really do to fix it?


Yankees Must Address These Problems To Come Out On Top In The East

Aaron Judge
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The New York Yankees have already dealt the worst. They hold the bottom position in the American League East Division, the same division wherein they recorded 99 wins last season. Nonetheless, all that is in the past and should remain in the past. What now can the Yankees do? First of all, they must move with caution with Aaron Judge. The slugger is suffering from mild hip strain, and the skipper, Aaron Boone, might rush his recovery to curb the struggle of the offense. However, that could prove to be a bad move for the future. Aaron Judge is the gold worth protecting, and the Yankees must put him on a 10-day IL and allow him ample time to heal. He must take the field only if he’s feeling 100% healthy.

Secondly, the pitching rotation needs a fix, especially Nestor Cortes. In the wake of injuries to Carlos Rodon and Luis Severino, Nestor Cortes automatically became the second starter in the rotation. However, his ERA is as high as 4.91, with the worst outing coming on Sunday, wherein he allowed seven runs. Hence, with Gerrit Cole being the only leader on the mound, Cortes must sort out his issues to take some pressure off Cole, at least till the regulars return. Lastly, Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankees owner, must hold the top office bearers accountable. While they might not need axing for now, Hal must have some convo with the top brass and figure out a solution to end the Yankees’ miserable run this season before it’s too late.

Loyal Bombers Fan Base Extremely Hurt Over The Team’s Recent 2-15 Loss To The Rangers

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The New York Yankees fan base’s worst fears came true on Sunday when the team went down with another series loss. To further add salt to the aggravated wound, the Yankees registered an embarrassing loss of 2-15, which further hurt the fans. The mass took to Twitter to express their sheer disappointment and lashed out at the club’s top brass for putting together an incompetent team.

While the loss certainly came in as a heartbreak for the loyal Yankee fan base, it’s worth noting that it’s just the first few weeks of the season. The season will go on till November, and the Yankees have more than enough time on the clock to fix the mistakes and make a solid comeback. Not only that, it’s not the first time the Bombers’ backs are up against the wall. They have faced these circumstances before and have always discovered a way to crawl back. Hence, nothing suggests that this year would be anything different.