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As the 2023 trade deadline approaches, the New York Yankees find themselves in a position where they may need to make some tough decisions regarding their roster. The current squad is flawed, as it has remained incomplete for the most part of the season so far. Also, a few reliable veterans have failed to live up to expectations. Hence, the trade deadline becomes more and more crucial for the Yankees.

While there is a pond full of fish to choose from in the market, the tougher part is to decide who to let go of. For any trade, the Yankees will have to pay a hefty price in exchange. Now, since Gleyber Torres and Isiah Kiner-Falefa have become regulars, they will mostly remain off the radar. That leaves the team with only one option, which is to trade away valuable farm options.


Yankees Might Trade Away Top Prospect Oswald Peraza At Deadline

Oswald Peraza. (Photo: MiLB)

Oswald Peraza, a highly regarded infield prospect in the Yankees’ farm system, has shown promising talent in the minor league. Known for his defensive skills and speed on the basepaths, Peraza has the potential to be a strong contributor at the major league level. However, he is beaten by his competition, Anthony Volpe. After Volpe stole Peraza’s roster spot in spring training, he failed to transition well into the majors. In the meantime, Peraza grabbed his opportunity and hit .307 with 10 home runs in Triple-A so far.

However, all his hard work is getting unnoticed as the Yankees remain committed to back Anthony Volpe. Apparently, the team is viewing him as a long-term shortstop of the lineup and will assist him in his growth. That leaves no room for Peraza. Also, the prospect is of no use to the Yankees in minors if they do not play to promote him. Hence, it is highly likely that they will use Peraza as a trade chip. The prospect is in red-hot form and will hold great value in the market. As a result, the Bombers are likely to trade him away for a quality pitcher. While nothing is confirmed, early projections point in the same direction.

Top Pitching Prospect Drew Thorpe Might Have To Make The Cut As Well

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Drew Thorpe is a 22-year-old starting pitcher signed by New York Yankees in the second round 2022 MLB draft. He plays for High-A Hudson Valley Renegades and is in red-hot form. Drew is also regarded as a high-ranked pitching prospect of the Bombers’ farm system. In a very recent outing, he recorded 12 strikeouts and also pitched seven shutout innings. Moreover, his overall ERA stands at 2.91 with 10.9 strikeouts per nine innings.

However, Drew Thorpe is likely to reach the major league level by 2025. And if the Yankees intend to win a championship this season, they are likely to use him as a trade chip. The team can take advantage of his form and bargain for a high-end pick. Ultimately, the decision to trade Thorpe, or any player, will depend on the Yankees’ assessment of their immediate needs and the potential return they could receive.