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Yankees Oswald Peraza Knocking Major League Doors With Sensational Stint In Triple-A, Leaving Anthony Volpe’s Future In Jeopardy

The spring training camp at the New York Yankees clubhouse hosted one of the most fierce battles of the year. Top prospects of the farm system, Oswald Peraza and Anthony Volpe, fought tooth and nail to claim the starting shortstop position for the opening-day lineup. Having started out as a favorite, Peraza eventually fell out, beaten by Volpe’s extensive athleticism and bat power.

As a result, the Yankees handed Anthony Volpe his major league cap and demoted Oswald Peraza to Triple-A minor league. However, Volpe’s transition to the major league has been completely opposite to the expectations and predictions. He has generated almost negligible offensive power on the plate. While the shortstop’s base running capability has kept him at bay for now, Peraza is posing a serious threat on the sidelines.


Oswald Peraza Channels His Inner Beast, Slams Seven Homers In Eight Games At Triple-A

Oswald Peraza
Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Not long ago, Oswald Peraza was viewed as the ideal candidate for the Yankees’ permanent shortstop solution. However, a young 21-year-old, Anthony Volpe, came out of nowhere to claim the spot. Regardless, Peraza kept his head down in a belief that his time would come sooner or later. The 22-year-old began his 2023 season on a positive note with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. While he received a call up to the majors shortly after, it was on a temporary basis. On top of that, a leg injury again led to his demotion. Still, the braveheart did not lose hope and has now unleashed carnage to rake up the minors.

In the past eight games, Oswald Peraza has scored seven home runs with a shooting batting average of .340 and an OPS of 1.059. These stats could likely give sleepless nights to the Yankees. With Anthony Volpe’s struggle, there is already enough pressure to cut him loose. However, the team management remains way too committed to the rookie’s development as they view him as the future of the club. Hence, Peraza right now is becoming collateral damage. If the prospect continues to rake up the minor league at this pace, the Yankees will have to make some tough decisions. It would be exciting to watch how things unfold in the Yankee clubhouse in the next few weeks or so.

Anthony Volpe’s Roster Spot With The Yankees Under Serious Threat

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe has shown surprising power (eight HRs) and speed (13 stolen bases) but is batting only .194.AP

Yankees rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe has been living his dream this season with the Yankees in the major league. However, his performance has been on the flip side. His average has hit as low as .194 with .631 OPS. The only thing working out in his favor is his intense athleticism. Volpe has stolen a record 13 bases, including scoring off a wild pitch. Still, without any on-plate contributions, the shortstop will stay under scrutiny.

On the other hand, his fellow teammate from Triple-A, Oswald Peraza, is also posing a serious threat with an electric performance. Hence, Anthony Volpe should be worried more than ever. He still enjoys a lot of support from the entire Yankee system, which could work well for him. Nonetheless, the next few weeks would be crucial for Volpe as it might set the course for his future.