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The New York Yankees have been in desperate need of ending their left field woes since the start of the off-season.

Bronx Bombers left field vulnerability was out in the open when Andrew Benintendi departed to Chicago. Since then, the Yankees have played every available card to land a fresh face in the free agency. However, nothing worked as the luxury tax regulation came into effect. Now, the Yanks’ front office is looking out for solutions in the existing bullpen.


So far, Aaron Hicks has emerged as the front-runner for the position as he enjoys the top brass’ backing. However, the fans and critics are not happy as Hicks is coming off consecutive failed seasons. Meanwhile, there is one top prospect laying under the Yankees’ shed, which could possibly end the team’s left-field woes. It might be a long shot, but definitely worth trying.

Jasson Dominguez, Underrated Left Field Candidate For The Yankees

Jasson Dominguez
Jasson Domínguez high fives in the dugout after his home run

New York Yankees top prospect Jasson Dominguez, popularly known as “The Martian” for his otherworldly skills, made his spring training debut for the Yanks this year and became an instant hit. Till now, across four at-bats, Jasson’s hit two hits, three runs, one home run, and one RBI. On top of that, his swing speed crossed 100 kph on multiple occasions. For a 20-year-old, that’s way above his expectations. However, can he be the answer to the Yankees left field woes?

While not literally. So far, the Yanks have played Jasson in the center field. However, there is always room for experiments, and that’s why we have spring training. While Jasson is young and inexperienced, he certainly could not be any worse than Aaron Hicks. Moreover, eyeing his recent performance, he could be on his way to making a major league debut. Overall, promoting Jasson Dominguez to the left is a long and unusual shot. But if all things go well in spring training, who knows?

Aaron Hicks Booed During His Spring Training Debut

Aaron Hicks-Yankees
New York Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks. © Dave Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Meanwhile, Aaron Hicks is having a hard time with the New York Yankees fan base. After two years of constant scrutiny, Hicks has become a subject of criticism and trolling once again. This time, the fans did not even allow him a chance at redemption. During his debut spring training game, Hicks came in to bat. However, as soon as the outfielder made his way to the plate, the crowd booed him in unison.

Later, Hicks turned the booes into cheers after getting his first run. Furthermore, reacting to the whole incident, Aaron Hicks said he is used to the booes and heckling by now and tries to avoid it as much as he can. Nonetheless, Hicks has a chance at redemption as the Yankees’ front office is showing immense faith in him to turn this season around. Spring training is underway, and the regular MLB season will begin at the end of March.