Aaron Hicks

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New York Yankees’ Aaron Hicks Reacts On Heckling Incident, Promises Of A Comeback

New York Yankees switch hitter Aaron Hicks reflects on his struggles and is eager for a roaring comeback this season.

Aaron Hicks, a key outfielder for the New York Yankees, has been subject to extreme public scrutiny since last year. The Yankees acquired Hicks in a trade with the Minnesota Twins in 2015, and things started going south ever since. On top of that, last season, the outfielder missed out post-season after a collision with Oswaldo Cabrera, which led to an elbow injury. That marked an end to a terrible 2022 run.


On the other hand, the Yankees fan base didn’t see any potential in Aaron Hicks and requested the front office to trade him during the off-season. For obvious reasons, the trade plan fell apart, and Hicks is in for yet another season with the Yankees. Can he revive his career with a turnaround season this year? Or will he go down as one of the worst trade deals in the history of the Yankees?

Aaron Hicks Eyes A Thumping Comeback After Being Booed During Spring Training Debut

Aaron Hicks
New York Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks. © Dave Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks’ future with the team is far from secure. After a terrible run last year, Hicks is fighting for his life in the ongoing spring training. Further, the outfielder will face the likes of Oswaldo Cabrera and Estevan Florial in the left-field competition. Meanwhile, the fans’ feelings are unchanged this year, as well as they booed Hicks during his spring training debut. However, Aaron is unfazed by the heckling and says he is used to it now. Well, he may have to face the crowd’s tough side for a while until he lets his bat speak for himself, which he thinks will happen sooner or later.

Aaron Hicks says he is not dwelling on the past, and his main focus is to put some numbers in spring training to earn a spot on the starting roster. Further, Hicks revealed he is changing his technique and approach to improve this year. The outfielder made his intentions clear and said he wants to help the Yankees win the championship title, and he is ready to do whatever it takes to help the cause. Meanwhile, Hicks’ odds of landing a left field job went further down when rumors of Aaron Judge stepping up for the role surfaced. 

Why Is Hicks’ Bounce Back So Important For The Yankees?

Aaron Hicks
Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Aaron Boone created a massive uproar on social media after he backed Aaron Hicks for the left-field job. The fans are confused and want to know what’s stopping the front office from trading Hicks? First things first, Hicks has a contract of $30.5 million, which is too high a price considering his recent form slump. Further, they do not have any other left fielder in the mix. Hence, Hicks is their best bet.

Overall, whether the fans like it or not, Aaron Hicks he here to stay. He will most likely take the left field for the Yankees unless Aaron Judge comes up with an unorthodox plan. For Hicks, this is arguably his last chance to feature for the Yankees. A failure in spring training will undoubtedly end his painful association with the Bronx Bombers.