Michael King
Michael King

Michael King made his major league debut with the New York Yankees in 2019. After an average few seasons, King suffered from back-to-back injuries, which shortened his season multiple times. Last year, King appeared in the starting roster for the Yankees and recorded his first major league save. However, during mid-season, the pitcher injured his elbow and had to leave the bullpen halfway through the season.

Meanwhile, ahead of the 2023 MLB season, Michael King showed a lot of confidence in the Yankees\’ current bullpen. King affirmed the current Yanks roster is capable enough to beat any team on a given day. Moreover, the pitcher made a strong statement on the Bombers\’ years old rivals, Houston Astros, and revealed the club has a set plan for the Astros this season.


Michael King Terms Yankees A Better Team Than Astros


Houston Astros has been the New York Yankees\’ biggest roadblock in their quest for the World Series title. Just last year, the Astros knocked out the Yanks in the ALCS despite a 2-5 head-to-head record. Moreover, since 2015, the Astros have eliminated the Bombers four times in the playoffs. However, ahead of the upcoming season, the Yanks\’ young pitcher, Michael King, has a strong message for the Astros.

Michael King appeared on the SiriusXM radio show and spoke about the Yankees\’ strategy for the 2023 season. King asserted that the Houston Astros stand no chance against the Yankees when the latter is in form. Moreover, the pitcher referred to Astros as a kryptonite and stated playing against them has never been pretty.

King further added the fans always derive the roster\’s strength from its ability to beat the Astros and not from the ability to contest the World Series title. Lastly, Michael King blamed the injury concerns for the Yankees\’ defeat against the defending champions in ALCS last year.

\”There\’s no chance that an Astros team can stop us when we\’re rolling,\” says Michael King.

Derek Jeter Explains The Reason Behind Houston Astros\’ Success

Derek Jeter on whether the Astros can be the first team since 2000 Yanks to repeat: “Just seems like regardless of what happens they just seem to replenish every year, which is important for you to have sustainable success.” pic.twitter.com/bvzCRhr2AS

— Brian McTaggart (@brianmctaggart) January 31, 2023

This year, the defending champions, Houston Astros, will aim to recreate history. The Astros could be the only team after the Yankees to win back-to-back championship titles. In 2000, Derek Jeter led New York Yankees and created a historical record of winning two consecutive World Series titles. No team since then has been able to recreate the record. However, the Houston Astros have a shot at matching that feat this season.

Meanwhile, former Yankees captain, Derek Jeter, explained the reason for Astros\’ unimaginable success. Jeter was asked to comment on the Astros\’ capability to win the World Series title this season. The former Yankee responded, saying no matter what happens this season, the Houston Astros replenish every year, which is the main reason for their sustainable success last year.

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