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Christopher Bell beat the favorite Chase Elliot to take his NASCAR Cup Series win of the year at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The Joe Gibbs driver qualified for the playoff with a race win that he had been waiting for a while. However, while Bell took the lead from Elliot at the front, Brad Keselowski and Austin Dillon were involved in a bizarre incident that left the whole NASCAR fraternity wondering. Kyle Busch\’s spin triggered a caution flag, and the race cars slowed down on the track. However, Dillion surprised everyone when he expressed his frustrations by intentionally bumping into Keselowski without any provocation. 

But, Keselowski was not willing to back down and retaliated by slamming his car into Dillon, knocking him out of the track. While rubbing an opponent\’s car is quite normal in NASCAR, the incident was quite unusual as it transpired during the caution period. Moreover, neither the fans, the teams, nor the race control was sure about why Dillon attacked Keselowski. They reckoned that it might have been a misunderstanding. Dillon suffered some body damage from the incident, while Keselowski was forced to deal with a punctured right-front tire. So, what caused Austin Dillion to lose his cool during the caution period?


Dillon Reveals The Reason Behind His Reaction

The USA broadcast dream had no clue what led to the clash between the two drivers. Even the two race directors had any idea why the battle had started. Meanwhile, Brad Keselowski\’s crew chief felt that it might have been a case of mistaken identity. Matt McCall said they had no idea what made Dillion hit Keselowski. The RFK racing team felt that Dillon thought Brad hit him, but he did not.

However, Dillon opened up about the incident and revealed the reason behind his outburst. The RCR driver revealed that he and Keselowski fought a couple of times in the last two years. Dillon said he hit Brad very hard as he did not like how certain people race him. Dillon added, \”Probably not the right away to do it under a caution.\”


Last year, the two drivers ended in a wreck in Michigan when Keselowski went into Dillon\’s side, causing him to crash head-first into the barriers. Elsewhere, Keselowski refrained from giving any comments about the incident. He claimed to discuss the matter in private with Dillon. Meanwhile, Austin said that there was no need for a conversation as he does not talk to Keselowski.

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