Ferrari had a turnaround during the 2022 championship after two tough seasons. Charles Leclerc started strong for the Scuderia by winning the first GP of the year in Bahrain. He continues to go strong, winning three races in the season so far. After winning in Australia and four podium finishes, Leclerc remained on top of the drivers\’ ranking heading into Barcelona. He was 1 step ahead of Red Bull\’s Verstappen by 19 points. However, things did not go as the 24-year-old would have hoped during the Spanish weekend. He started strong with a pole position during Saturday\’s qualifying. 

The Ferrari driver took a 16-second lead ahead of the Ferrari early in the race. However, Leclerc was forced to retire while in the lead after a power unit failure. Charles did not take any points home. And this allowed Verstappen to get on top of the drivers\’ rankings and taking a six-point lead after his third win in a row in Barcelona.


After the Spanish GP, The first change that Ferrari made to Leclerc\’s F1-75 was replacing a faulty turbo and MGU-H. Moreover, Charles does not have a great history at his home track as he has never finished a race in Monte Carlo. Hence, Ferrari will have to be very careful with his car. So, what are the changes Ferrari has brought this weekend? Keep reading ahead to find out!

Changes Made By Ferrari For Monaco GP

F1-75 side detail Image: Giorgia Piola

Preparation images reveal an overview of the floor in front of the F1-75. The floor was older than the Spanish GP and denoted a lower and shorter outer strake. 

F1-75 Image: Giorgia Piola

Moreover, Ferrari set up for the older specifications early in practice as they installed the L-shape edge wing, along with the mounted floor. 

F1-75 Image: Uncredited

A view of the brake cylinders and inboard suspension elements was also captured during the preparation.

F1-75 front wing Image: Giorgio Piola

In addition, a close-up of the front wing of F1-75 outside the Ferrari garage came up ahead of the practice.

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