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Red Bull has been unstoppable despite a couple of unlucky retirements this season. Max Verstappen has led the racing team to be the fastest car in this year\’s championship as they won three back-t-back races in Imola, Miami, and Barcelona. After winning the Spanish Grand Prix, Verstappen replaced Leclerc on top of the drivers\’ championship and has a six-point lead over the Monegasque. Red Bull also took over the top spot from Ferrari in the constructors\’ rankings. Thus, Red Bull will hope to continue their winning streak and get more points lead over the Italian racing team.

The only challenge that the frontrunner will have is the lack of straights on the circuit in Monaco. The RB-18 is known for its pace in the straight lines, but it has struggled in the corners. Moreover, the track in Monaco is full of twists and turns with limited overtaking opportunities. Hence, they must be eyeing an improvement on the corners to finish strong during the qualifying. Verstappen would target a pole position so he could lead the race throughout. So, what are the modifications brought by Red Bull for the Monaco Grand Prix? Keep reading ahead to find out!


What Changes Have Red Bull Made For Monte Carlo Circuit?

RB18 Rear Detail Image: Uncredited

The Red Bull has fitted a high downforce rear wing to the RB18. They plan on using the rear-facing camera to understand the amount of flexion they are getting. The team will also use chequered stickers on the outer transition section of the endplate in order to study the movement. 

RB18 brake drum Image: Uncredited

Another shot of the RB18 without external sidepod bodywork revealed that the team had used some additional bodywork attached to the heat exchangers to assist the flow through the assembly. In addition, the diffuser look-alike strakes coincide with the external louvres to channel the rejected heat.

RB-18 Side detail Image: Giorgio Piola

Further, the tip of the upper SIS was visible when Red Bull mechanics began assembling the F1-75. It pokes out from behind the inlet bodywork while the lower SIS is fitted in the floor section.

RB18 Image: Uncredited

Additionally, a detailed and rare view of the steering assembly was also revealed as Red Bull prepared for the FP1 action.

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