Anthony Volpe
Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe. Getty Images

Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees rookie of the 2023 MLB season, is facing a dilemma that every rookie faces in their initial season. After an initial surge, the shortstop’s bat has stayed quiet for most of the tournament so far. He has faced a slump and is making desperate attempts to come out of it. But, all in vain till now.

To be fair, handing Anthony Volpe the major league cap with an experience of 99 plate appearances was indeed a gamble move played by the Yankees. Hence, the club probably saw it coming. But the question is, what’s the solution? With still a long way to go into the season, the Bronx Bombers’ can hit a panic button almost any day now. Hence, an MLB writer feels it’s time now for the Yankees to cut the rookie loose for his own betterment.


MLB Writer Says Anthony Volpe Must Move To Triple-A To Find His True Self

Oswald Peraza, Anthony Volpe

Yankees shortstop, Anthony Volpe, was a promising talent when he made his major league debut. However, his numbers failed to make a case for him. As of Thursday, he is hitting .191 with nine home runs and 26 RBIs in 62 games and as many as 239 plate appearances. That’s more than twice that of what he played at Triple-A. Clearly, the rookie has been unable to adjust to the major league pressure. Not only that, his peer and top competitor, Oswald Peraza, is currently raking the minor league with a dramatic surge. Hence, Peraza will remain an active threat to Volpe, probably for the rest of the season.

All things considered, MLB Writer Josh Benjamin stated in his report that Anthony Volpe must move back to Triple-A for a short period of time. Josh says Volpe has lost himself, and the pressure of the major league has got the better of him. He also stated the possibility of the pressure just being in his head. Hence, if Volpe moves to a minor league, he can play freely, get his basics right, and rejuvenate himself. For now, the shortstop has to rediscover his true self and understand what kind of a player he really wants to become. Moreover, Josh added that demoting Volpe for a short term won’t hurt the Yankees much as they have the luxury to call up Peraza, who is in red hot form, and maybe utilize his form for the better.

Volpe Wants To Boss The Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe has shown surprising power (eight HRs) and speed (13 stolen bases), but is batting only .194.AP

Anthony Volpe is a home lad. Born and brought up in close vicinity of New York, he witnessed all the major moments of the Yankees’ history, including the age-old rivalry with the Boston Red Sox. And now that he is inside the Yankee clubhouse, the shortstop is excited to take on the rivals head-on. Volpe will be playing his first series against Boston this weekend and intends to dominate it.

Speaking in an interview, Volpe said he is pumped to face the Red Sox and experience the intensity that revolves around this high-voltage matchup. Anthony Volpe also feels that the Red Sox supporters are probably going to hate him, but he intends to be the kind of player they hate. Meaning the shortstop wants to overpower the Red Sox to the extent that the supporters dislike him for being too good against their own team.