In this April 11, 2018, file photo, New York Yankees’ Tyler Austin, center, rushes Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Joe Kelly, right, after being hit by a pitch during the seventh inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston. Charles Krupa, Associated Press file

New York Yankees have been in the business for over a century. They were a major part of the foundation of the Major League Baseball. Over the years, the club has faced multiple teams and also produced rivalries with a few. The most infamous one, till today, has been with the East rivals, Boston Red Sox.

Years ago, when Red Sox traded a young Babe Ruth to the Yankees, they invited a curse that kept them from winning a championship for decades. On the other hand, Babe Ruth went on to become a Yankee legend. Since then, both teams have been at crossroads with each other, and the rivalry has just intensified. However, many have witnessed a shift in dynamics between the two teams in recent years.


Nestor Cortes Plays Down Red Sox Rivalry, Says Better Competitors To Worry About In The East

Nestor Cortes
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The New York Yankees are set to take on their arch-rivals Boston Red Sox, this weekend. The century-old rivals will meet for the first time this season. Yankees-Red Six matchups are always exciting owing to their long-withstanding rivalry. However, Bombers pitcher, Nestor Cortes, feels the conflict has mellowed down this year. This season, the Red Sox have tumbled down to the last spot in the East table, whereas the Bombers are third. Hence, Cortes feels the dynamics have changed, and they have found a new set of east rivals.

Recently placed on IL, Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes will stay out of the Red Sox series. Yet, that didn’t keep him from chipping in his thoughts. Cortes’ perspective on the whole rivalry with Red Sox has changed. He said that Boston is not the team they were a few years ago. Hence, the Bombers really do not consider them as their top competitors. The New York-based club now has the likes of Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays to worry about as they are reigning the East table. Well, Cortes is not entirely wrong. The Boston Red Sox struggled in 2022 by finishing last, and the situation is far from different this year as well. Hence, we might see the strong rivalry fading out in the near future.

Gerrit Cole Says Yankees Hatred Towards Red Sox Has Subsided

Gerrit Cole
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The rivalry between New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is one of the most storied and intense rivalries in MLB. But as we enter the modern-day era, the dynamics are quickly shifting. The diminishing rivalry between the Bombers and Boston serves as the best example. Boston’s standards have dropped significantly over the past few seasons. As a result, the Yankees now no longer view them as a threat. After Nestor Cortes’ jibe, his teammate Gerrit Cole weighed his thoughts on the same.

Cole claimed that the hatred from Yankees towards the Red Sox has been on a downward trend. As of today, the team wants to beat Red Sox as badly as they want to beat someone like the Baltimore Orioles. Hence, the pitchers aren’t sure if both teams can carry on the past baggage for too long, despite the ancient history. Regardless, the upcoming matchup will be crucial for both teams as they try to advance further in the East.