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Yankees’ Aaron Judge To Break 98-Year-Old Babe Ruth’s Record! Fans Swayed By Captain’s Heartwarming Gesture To A Kid In Stands

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ newly minted captain, has by far been the best hitter in American League this season. He is leading the AL home run tally with 18 towering hits. Despite missing crucial game time due to injury, the slugger has caught up on time lost to get back to the business. Currently, he led the team in the three-game series against the Seattle Mariners, wherein they absolutely crushed the hosts.

The Yankees sealed the first two games of the series with a profound offensive performance. The team scored 10 runs each on both days to dominate the Mariners on their home ground. While they stumbled in the series finale, the Yankees had too much to gain, especially on the offensive front. The team has witnessed a resurgence in the past weeks solely because of the return of their leader, Aaron Judge. The captain has brought along positive vibes in the camp and is set to break a nearly century-old record.


Aaron Judge To Break Century-Old Record Of Yankees Legend Babe Ruth

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge runs the bases after hitting a solo home run on May 30, 2023 in Seattle. (AP Photo/Caean Couto)

The month of May has been exceptional for the struggling New York Yankees. With an offensive resurgence, the team has been able to get back to winning ways. The man at the epicenter of the whole turnaround is none other than the cap himself, Aaron Judge. He missed the first 10 days of the month due to a hip injury. However, once he returned, there was no looking back. In the past 20 days, he has hit .356 with 12 home runs, 25 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.402. Not only that, the slugger has been highly successful on road trips as well. These very road trip numbers are going to help Judge break a century-old record that belongs to a former Yankees legend.

Babe Ruth, one of the finest baseball players to ever exist, set a record of having the highest road OPS of 1.838 in a single month in 1924. Now 98 years later, another Yankees great is set to achieve the milestone and rewrite history. Aaron Judge has had an OPS of 2.089 OPS on the road in the month of May. Hence, after the final game against the Mariners, Judge would officially break Babe Ruth’s record to gain another notable accolade in his illustrious career. The series with Seattle Mariners helped the lot in Judge’s pursuit. He scored three homers and four RBIs in the past three days. Certainly, being in the same category as Babe Ruth is an achievement in itself. On top of that, breaking the legend’s record is a moment the captain will cherish for a lifetime.

Judge Plays Catch With A Kid In The Stands, Fans In Awe

Aaron Judge

Yankees star Aaron Judge is arguably a man with zero haters. His small gestures towards the fans are the major reasons for the love he receives. Recently, during a game against the Mariners at Seattle, Judge spotted a kid wearing pinstripes in the stands. He had a softball in his hand and requested the captain to play catch with him. The Judge, stationed in the right field, obliged the kid’s request and played catch with him in the middle of the game.

The heartwarming moment was caught on camera and has been loved by the fans so far. Apparently, the fans are left in awe of the captain’s humility. The kid has a different glow on his face and will probably remember this moment for the rest of his life. Certainly, Aaron Judge understands the importance of fans’ support in an athlete’s life and is always making sure he can give it back to them in every possible way.