Aaron Judge, Yankees
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Aaron Judge, known for his commanding presence at the plate and prodigious power, has been an integral part of the New York Yankees lineup for years. This season, his expectations were sky-high. However, the captain struggled on the plate like never before.

After 23 games, he’s hitting .174 with three home runs, 11 RBIs and his strikeout count has been the second worst in the American League. That being said, a MLB broadcaster Jake Storiale decoded Judge’s stride on the plate and noticed a visible difference in his approach to the outside sliders that he once used to slam all across the park.


Aaron Judge’s Forgot How To Hit Outside Sliders, Claims MLB Podcaster!

Aaron Judge, Yankees
Aaron JudgeDustin Satloff/Getty Images

The New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge’s ill form has been a point of discussion amongst MLB critics and analysts for a while now. While some raised issues about a supposed underlying injury kept hidden from the fans, MLB podcaster Jake Storiale went on to analyze the slugger’s hitting stance. He noticed that Aaron Judge has been standing way too far from the plate this season. Moreover, the Tampa Bay Rays recently exploited Judge’s off stance to nail outside sliders. However, what turned off Jake was Judge’s inability to go after these pitches. In a recent Talkin Yanks podcast, Jake claimed that in a certain off-season, the captain put in a lot of work on how to tackle these sliders.

However, this season, something seems clearly off. Not only is he missing the outside sliders, but he is also going after inside fastballs, which he normally would not. “I was like, is Judge’s kind of not sure where the plate is right now,” said Jake Storiale. While it’s unclear exactly what adjustments Judge has made to his batting stance, speculation abounds among fans and analysts alike. It mainly stems from a point of concern as the captain’s ill form is hindering the team’s chances of winning. Despite a strong start to the season, the New York Yankees will not be able to sustain the winning streak if Aaron Judge fails to fire up on the plate. Regardless of the reasons behind Judge’s slump, the Yankees will be closely monitoring his performance in the coming weeks and figure out the problems and the solutions for the same.

‘He Is Still Aaron Judge’ Yankees Skipper Defends Captain Amid Grave Slump!

Boone is in his sixth season as Yankees manager. Robert Sabo for NY Post

In the face of adversity, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone recently jumped to captain Aaron Judge’s defense after questions over his form on the plate began to arise. He said that Aaron Judge is a seasoned veteran and a proven slugger. Even the greatest of the game have encountered this kind of slump in the past.

And Boone is pretty confident that Aaron Judge will shut down the doubters, and by next year, everyone will recall the same moment, citing how stupid they were to doubt Judge’s capabilities. Overall, the Yankees skipper confirmed that neither he nor the organization is concerned about Judge and that the fans should also back the captain.

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