Yankees, Nestor Cortes

Nestor Cortes has always been the New York Yankees’ go-to left-handed starting pitcher. When ace Gerrit Cole hurt his elbow in the spring this year, Cortes stepped up to fill in for the opening-day starter’s job. Since then, he has been decent on the mound with a 3.41 ERA in four starts.

However, Nestor Cortes landed in a fresh controversy last weekend after he faked a pitch against Cleveland Guardians. Notably, Cortes has an uncanny windup and throwing action. However, the mock pitch invited trouble for Cortes as he received a fresh warning from MLB authorities this weekend.


Nestor Cortes Disallowed To Fake A Pitch Henceforth By MLB

Nestor Cortes, Yankees

The New York Yankees were up against Cleveland Guardians last week in an away series. Due to adverse weather conditions, a doubleheader was rescheduled on Saturday, and the Yanks ended up winning both games. However, on Sunday, things went haywire as the Bronx Bombers’ pitching staff botched the finale. That being said, the game also produced a controversial moment when NYY’s starting pitcher, Nestor Cortes, was caught faking a pitch on the camera. Cortes, known for his pauses mid-wind up to offset the hitters’ timing, pumped a fake pitch to distract Guardians hitter Andres Gimenez. While the hitter was unfazed and ended up fouling the pitch, the MLB authorities noted the fake pitch antics as they conducted a thorough investigation to determine the legality of the move.

Subsequently, Nestor Cortes was deemed guilty of flouting the laws, and on Sunday, he was directed by MLB not to use fake pitches henceforth. If the pitcher violates the order, it will result in a ball. Meanwhile, Cortes saw it coming from a mile away. He said he’s the only pitcher to have pulled off such a stint, and he will always be the one to do so. “I’m in the [record] books!” quipped the pitcher after the incident. Additionally, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone also opined that the move was illegal. “But pretty funny,” said Boone. Overall, as the season progresses, Nestor Cortes will need to adjust his approach and ensure that he remains within the boundaries of fair play to avoid further controversy and potential disciplinary action from MLB officials.

Yankees Gleyber Torres Picks Up Injury Vs Rays!

Gleyber Torres, Yankees
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

In a concerning moment, New York Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres fouled a ball off his lower left leg, the same are where he got hit a few days ago. However, Torres refused to exit and continued to play the entire game against Tampa Bay Rays. Speaking on his injury, skipper Aaron Boone revealed that he was nervous at first.

“But as he got going a little bit, I think it softened up on him,” said Torres. Gleyber Torres hasn’t fired as expected on a plate and is yet to hit a home run in over 80 at-bats. Coming off a .273 average season which also fetched him $15 million arbitration contract, the second baseman’s underwhelming show has started to frustrate the New York Yankees.

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