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Impending free agent Juan Soto brushed off the change of scenery concerns to start the season with the New York Yankees on a high. While Soto has settled nicely in the Bronx, uncertainty over his future in the league will continue to bother the slugger throughout the year.

By all metrics, Juan Soto is expected to hit free agency. Even Yankees manager Brian Cashman accepted it in his earlier interview prior to the season. However, not all hope is lost for the Bombers. If the Yanks can get certain parameters right, they can surely pursue Soto to sign an extension contract mid-season.


Will Juan Soto Accept Yankees Extension Invitation?

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Juan Soto seems most likely to hit free agency next year, where he’s estimated to earn a $500 million long-term deal. While his walk year with the New York Yankees has been successful so far, it’s highly unlikely for Soto’s camp to even consider hearing for an extension offer from the Bombers. Chris Rose of Talkin’ Baseball opined the same in a recent podcast. However, his podcast co-host, Trevor Plouffe, suggested otherwise. He firmly believes the door is still open for the Yanks to secure Juan long-term. Trevor explained that given Soto ends up having a great time in the Bronx and falls in love with the club, NYY has an edge. Moreover, for the slugger, the risk of regression, slump, or injury could significantly reduce his market value.

Therefore, if the New York Yankees manage to agree to Juan Soto’s demands, there’s a strong chance the generational star would agree to sign an extension contract mid-season. While logically, it makes sense for Soto to test free agency waters and hear all offers, the Yanks can surely change the game with smart negotiation tactics. Of course, to convince Soto, Brian Cashman will have to deal with notorious player agent Scott Boras first. The outfielder has blind trust in Boras, and therefore, the Bombers must come prepared to break into Boras’s mind first before even having a chance to talk to Soto directly. This scenario here is purely hypothetical for now, as neither Soto nor the Yanks have had any discussions whatsoever. Ultimately, the final decision will depend on Soto’s priorities, career goals, and personal preferences.

MLB Executives Weigh On Soto Vs. Judge Battle!


Recently, MLB.com asked a few rival league executives to weigh in on who, among Juan Soto and Aaron Judge, is most important for the New York Yankees. The results were mixed, as a particular NL executive sided with Judge, saying that Judge is the Yankees. “He’s the guy they know is going to be there forever,” said the unnamed executive.

On the other hand, another NL executive had contrasting views, saying that Juan Soto is more important to the Yankees than Aaron Judge. He believes Soto tends to take the pressure off the hitting lineup, including Judge, by getting on bases and recording hits consistently. Overall, both these sluggers, when played together, form a lethal force to scare the opposition, which is a massive advantage for the team.

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