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NBA is the greatest basketball league in the world, with a boatload of legendary players blessing the game over generations. However, one debate that has seemed to last and will last for a long time would be about the players who are considered the greatest players of all time. The GOAT debate has divided NBA fans forever, with each generation delivering a player deserving to be a part of the discussion. And the modern generation brought in a player who has played a new brand of basketball which will be remembered in the game\’s history forever.

While some people favor Micheal Jordan as the greatest player to have blessed the game, LeBron James has made a strong case for himself in present-day NBA. The 37-year-old has carried many franchises on his shoulders, delivering championships for Cleveland, Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Lakers.


Nobody in the basketball fraternity can ever forget the contributions of the Ghost of Chicago, who led the franchise to six championship rings in a decade. Both Micheal Jordan and LeBron James have taken their game to their peak and attracted a wide array of following worldwide. While LeBron and Jordan may not have more of a public relationship as the fans would hope, the two legends have even respect for each other. In a resurfaced video, Micheal Jordan defended LeBron James against his own fans who consider His Airness the GOAT.

Micheal Jordan Names LeBron James As One Of The Greatest

There has been great competition among the fans about who among Micheal Jordan and LeBron James is the greatest player of all time. Talking about the debate, Jordan pointed out that both of them have played in different eras. Micheal added, \”He is an unbelievable player. He\’s one of the best players in the world if not the best player in the world.\”

Further, the 14-time All-Star felt that it is natural to compare different eras. And it is bound to continue in the future. Jordan admitted that he was a LeBron fan and loved watching the King play. The Bulls legend thought James made his mark and would continue to do so for a long period of time. Micheal further stated that comparisons are just like a standard of measurement. And he likes to take it with a grain of salt. However, Jordan felt that LeBron James is a heck of a basketball player without any doubt.

Jordan & James

LeBron has certainly proved his worth since his debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003. In 2021-22, LeBron played his 19th season for the Lakers. He came close to the scoring title with an average of 30.3 points per game in 56 matches. The 37-year-old also became the second highest scorer in NBA history, surpassing Karl Malone this year. While the Lakers faltered this season, James will look to make a stronger comeback to fight for the championship next season as he would look to finish his career with at least a couple more rings on his hands.

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