Michael Jordan- LeBron James
Michael Jordan- LeBron James

Remember the name, Michael Jordan. Knowing Pele and Muhammad Ali, one must know who Jordan is. No player before or after them had a bigger impact on their respective games. These legends made their games popular worldwide. In other words, they were pioneers and absolute champions. Even to this day, some of their records are still untouched.

Michael Jordan was the most popular American sportsman in the ’90s. He was part of the American Dream Team that won innumerable accolades, especially Olympics Gold, countless times. In the Basketball Universe, there is no other name so widely known all around the globe. He made NBA a global sporting phenomenon, the biggest legend to play for the Chicago Bulls, and the biggest name in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Micheal Jordan
Michael Jordan

But he believed as time passes away, Lebron James will become a bigger name in the basketball universe. In a late 2015 interview, when Cigar Aficionado asked about his opinion of being voted the most popular athlete in history, beating Baseball legend Babe Ruth and the former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan responded, “these polls depend on the views of the contemporary generation. It depends on who’s watching us live and who’s aware of our records. Maybe 20 years from now, Lebron James will beat me based on popularity.”

At 38, King James Is Looking Forward To Breaking This Michael Jordan Record

On his 38th birthday, Lebron James showed the world why he is considered one of the greatest of all time. The Lakers’ main man exploded with 47 points against the Hawks and achieved the third-highest points scored on a birthday. But he is still chasing the record MJ made at 38. Michael Jordan scored an unbelievable 51 points at 38. In the later stages of his career, MJ played for a weak Wizards team; however, he was still pretty efficient, winning matches single-handedly. One notable star player who was playing alongside MJ in that Wizard’s team was Rip Hamilton.

LeBron James
LeBron James

Unlike MJ, the King has a star-studded team, some of the biggest names in the basketball circuit. Hall of Famers like Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, etc. Last season when King was unavailable, Davis took the responsibility on his shoulders to take the team forward, which is what King is doing this season. But for Michael Jordan, no one else could fill his shoes. But times change, and new greats of the game come with different generations. There’s no doubt we are living in the time of the greatest of his generation, Lebron James.

Can LeBron James Keep Up This Consistency Until The End Of This Season?

Fans are wondering if these explosions at 38 truly mean something. Suppose James can bring out the best one last time to win more championships. The desire and the hunger are there quite evidently in the last few games but will there be more such explosions? Lebron James is on his way to being the NBA’s all-time top scorer beating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar but can he break the record of the greatest legend of Basketball, Mr. Michael Jordan?

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