Lakers front office
Lakers front office

The Los Angeles Lakers appear to be in the worst place there could be for a basketball team in the NBA. They sit at the 13th position on the Western Conference table, which will cut them from the playoffs. LA has lost two of their superstar to the foot injury, which is a huge problem considering how average the Lakers’ support cast is. Apart from The Big Three, only intermediate players wear Purple and Gold. The win over Charlotte Hornets was good but not impressive, as they were the bottom team.

Looking at the troubles and misfortunes, the front office finally woke up to make changes to the team. It appears that the Lakers will make sacrifices to survive the season. In order to save this season, LA will have to sell their future drafts to bring an MVP-level player to the squad. The current team will run the Lakers to the mud, as witnessed in the past few months.


The Lakers Will Get Rid Of The Liabilities

There are some players who will be better off without the Lakers and vice versa. However, the front office will have to make some brave moves to save the already draining season. Some overpriced veteran point guards likely to be let off by the Lakers are Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley, and Kendrick Nunn. Among three players, Russ has repeatedly proved his game but remains overpriced for his services. A young and energetic prospect will be a great help for the Lakers at this point.

The Lakers' point guard
The Lakers point guard

Tony Jones of the Athletic pointed out that the Lakers’ front office is confident they will play the postseason this year. Meanwhile, confidence is a good sign. Seeing the front office’s enthusiasm after seeing the fall last year is intriguing. The Lakers have seen the adversities over the previous two years after getting their hands on the table. It looks like Hollywood has completely lost it after the 2020 season. But it can all take a turn for good if Anthony Davis makes a timely return to the team. Hoping that the 29-year-old steps back with the same monstrous energy and form.

LeBron James is Afraid That The Lakers Will Not Qualify.

The 38-year-old has been an astonishing presence on the court for his team. He has displayed incredible performances and averages around 28 points in every game. At the age of 38, the Lakers forward are on fire and redefining his father’s time in the league. However, in the midst of Christmas, James deleted his tweet, which said he would not miss another playoff. King James tweeted the tweet last year when LA missed the playoffs last year.

LeBron's deleted tweet
LeBron’s deleted tweet

It was the first time in 20 seasons that LeBron missed a playoff in his entire career. And his deleting that tweet shows his belief in his current team. For the time being, there is still hope for the Lakers, but it seems impossible for them to get there. LA will need some big changes to even think about going into this year’s playoffs.

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