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Mercedes W14 Suffering With Ignition Problem? Will The Problem Eat Out The 2023 F1 Season Like Last Year?

Ahead of the 2023 Formula One season, all the teams are going for a final check. The particular focus of F1 fans is now on Mercedes. The team has already taken all the attention by changing the livery of the car to black. Putting the carbon fiber instead of the Silver paint has helped Mercedes remain under the weight limit.

On February 15, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell went for the first drive of the brand-new Mercedes championship-winning machine. Both nodded it to be smooth, and so far, no porpoising effects have been found. But is there another problem in the car, which may let the past repeat itself once again? According to several news publishers, there have been no ignition issues in the W14.


On the launch day, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell brought the new Mercedes F1 challenge into action for the first time. They found the issue in the fuel installation department. But soon, the technical department stepped in and solved the problem on the same day. However, the day went smoothly, as claimed by Lewis Hamilton, and also as no other ignition issues were raised.

But only when the W14 gets a run for three consecutive days at the Bahrain International circuit can we say if the black W14 is the return of the Mercedes-winning era. Or, again, it is the dignity ruiner like the W13. Speaking of the new Mercedes car and the hopes it may bring, Mercedes claimed that the demo day had gone right.

Mercedes Claimed No Ignition Problems On launch Day

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On Wednesday, the Brackley-based team organized a demo day for the W14 in order to gather basic information about the car. It was done with hopes of seeing the installation process going correctly, and fortunately, they found nothing to be worried about. However, the team is still unclear as everyone is that 100% of the things are fine with just a day’s drive of the new car. Problems can always arise anytime, anywhere; it takes time to figure them out. But one of the technical members of Mercedes has claimed, “No problems of missed ignition, as reported on the web, but more.”

There are things that somehow have taken down the confidence of the Mercedes drivers. The first such thing is the “step” that Mercedes will have to take behind Ferrari and Red Bull this year. George Russell speaks on the already existing problem of Mercedes that can only be corrected after the season begins. The 24-year-old Briton said, “Mercedes have not forgotten how to build a faster car. In 2022 we got the philosophy wrong. But now the things have been dug out, and we are building on top of that.”