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Unclear about his new contract confirmation. But, clear about “I don’t plan on being anywhere else than Mercedes”, Lewis Hamilton explained that he would stay and stay only in Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton celebrated his 38th birthday last month. This is the 16th year of his Formula One career. Can this be the last one? 2023 is the final year of Hamilton’s contract that he signed with Mercedes after facing a painful defeat in 2021. But the reason why he returned in 2022 is not achieved yet. The 2021 F1 Formula One world champion, which was supposed to be the eighth title of a seven-time world champion, was actually meant for Max Vertsappen’s first championship win. Hamilton was prevented from breaking the world record of Michael Schumacher. Therefore, seeking revenge, he came back for two more years. Out of which 2022 went in vain, worse than 2021, only 2023 is left. And it is definitely not enough to get back what the seven-time world champion has been targetting for.

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Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has revealed his interest in keeping Hamilton for the rest of the time. Till when the driver wills to stay. A new contract beyond 2023 that may also let Hamilton drive into his forties is getting prepared, and anytime son will be released too. But the point that Lewis Hamilton himself would like to stay beyond the 2023 F1 season or not is yet unclear. Recently, the Briton discussed his retirement plans and reflected on his views on staying in Formula with Mercedes. He made one thing clear so far. If Hamilton stays in Formula One for more than 2023, he will remain with Mercedes only. Talking with Planet during the W14 launch, Lewis Hamilton said, “I don’t feel like I need them to prove to me.

Lewis Hamilton Need Nothing From Mercedes Anymore!

Last year, it was proved that it was not Hamilton’s driving skills that went on a holiday that made him win zero races. Mercedes team’s technical department took all the responsibility, defending the drivers. The technical directors said that they lacked experience in dealing with the ground-floor effects and failed to provide strong cars.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

What if, once again, Mercedes fails to build a strong car? What if the W14 being black, differs just in the paint, not in performance? Why will Hamilton sign with the Silver Arrows again, then? But he will. Despite the fact that last year Hamilton raised a question on Mercedes car development, he is proud of his team. There is nothing in Mercedes that need to prove to Lewis in order to please him for the new contract. He is all aware that the team has been doing great things since the beginning; this is just a hard time that shall pass too.

The Mercedes superstar said, “Mercedes have proven time and again over the last years that the team has strength in depth. We still have all these incredibly talented individuals within the Silver Arrows team.” The ability to dominate on the grid. And the ability to win championships back to back “is not lost.” said the seven-time world champion.