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In a controversial manner, the Italian Grand Prix came to a safe conclusion. As a result, many people questioned why the rules couldn\’t be adjusted to ensure that races always ended competitively. However, after the Italian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton urged the FIA to take into account a rule change addressing safety car restarts near the finish of races. Max Verstappen easily won a race, depriving Charles Leclerc of the opportunity to challenge for the victory, and the seven-time winner argued that race management should add further laps.

Lewis Hamilton Backs FIA Rule Change!

The dismal conclusion to Italian GP prompted many people to advocate for adjustments to ensure that it does not happen again. The list also includes Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. However, he recently added his viewpoint to the discussion. After acknowledging that the 2021 season finale in Abu Dhabi brought back memories for him. Lewis Hamilton supported using the safety car at the Italian Grand Prix. After the race, Hamilton suggested on his team\’s radio that they prolong the race in the circumstances like this. When pressed about his statement by RaceFans, Hamilton provided support for his remarks.


McLaren, however, was difficult for marshals to move since the cars couldn\’t lap themselves before the finish line. As a result, they crossed the finish line behind the safety car. In Abu Dhabi, where a similar event occurred on the final lap, Hamiton just missed winning the championship. However, authorities stopped the race that particular time before all lapped vehicles could overtake the leaders again. Some racing leagues have already incorporated Hamilton\’s proposal, notably the British Touring Car Championship. 

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing disagreed with Hamilton, believing the race should have been resumed. In Christian Horner\’s opinion, on-track marshals had enough time to remove Daniel Ricciardo\’s damaged vehicle. Additionally, allow for at least two racing circuits to guarantee a grandstand finish in front of the Tifosi.

FIA Issues Statement!


After receiving criticism from the public for ending the Italian Grand Prix under a safety car, FIA officials were obliged to explain their choice. Numerous people on social media alleged that Formula One was \”fixed\” after the race, which resembled the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from the previous year, in which Lewis Hamilton lost the championship. 

In contrast, the FIA only permitted lapped vehicles between Max Verstappen and Hamilton to overtake in Abu Dhabi last year, when the race was restarted four laps after a collision. The FIA spokesman stated, \”While every effort was made to recover Car #3 quickly and resume racing, the situation developed. And marshals could not put the car into neutral and push it into the escape road\”.

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