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Mercedes Keeping Zero Hopes From Monaco GP Despite Upgraded W14! At Extreme Loss With The Imola GP Cancellation

The Mercedes F1 team has been waiting for the Imola upgrades ever since the failure of the first two races this season. After the preseason testing and the opening Grand Prix in Bahrain, it was clear that the W14 car was no good. Perhaps W14 is better than W13, but it is not helpful for the drivers to win races, let alone the championship. Hence, the need for new upgrades and modifications became more than essential to make progress this season and beyond.

The zero-side pods concept has been a significant disappointment since last year. Hence, they have gifted Red Bull a free pass to dominate on the grid. All these changed after the cost cap rule was introduced in 2021. Since then, Mercedes have not figured out a way to stay in title contention. The Silver Arrows used to dominate the grid from 2014 till 2021. But they lost their grip last year. And now, they are on the hunt for finding a way to get on the top again.


Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Cancellation A Major Setback For Mercedes

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 Source: Sky Sports

Mercedes team was eagerly waiting for the race in Imola. The Imola modifications were a direction to the right track for the Mercedes F1 team. Hence, the heavy rainfall could not have caused trouble at a worse time than now for Mercedes. The German team is running out of time, as Red Bull has already won all five races so far. Now, Mercedes is in deep trouble as the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is canceled. The governing body, FIA, was swift enough to make the decision to cancel the race after the area was overflooded. And there is no guarantee for the race to happen in a different schedule this year.

Apparently, the Mercedes F1 team had plans to include three new things to the W14 car in Imola. They were planning to add new side pods, floor suspension, and front suspension. Moreover, Mercedes had hoped for the triple practice sessions, qualifying rounds with 19 turns and 63 laps in Imola. There, they could gain valuable information and data on the car even in the rain. But as it turns out, Mercedes will get to try the new modifications in the next Grand Prix in Monaco. However, this delay in checking what the upgrades can do is very disturbing for Team Principal Toto Wolff and the team.

Why Is The German Team Not Too Hopeful About Monaco Grand Prix?

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Crash.Net

Mercedes clearly does not enjoy their time on the street circuits like in Baku, Azerbaijan, and Monaco. In fact, it is not just them, but no team likes to try their upgrades in the twisty turns of the Monaco track. The Monaco circuit’s unique dimension does not have quilters like in most parts of the tracks this season.

Hence, the Monaco circuit may not provide a race where the new upgrades get the chance to have a positive impact on the W14 car. However, the Mercedes F1 team can hang on to their hopes for Barcelona Grand Prix that follows the Monaco Grand Prix. Barcelona could be an excellent track for testing, as the Brackley team was hoping for Imola if not for the rain interruption. Mercedes can check the improvements of the W14 car with new upgrades better in Spain.