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Draymond Green Suggests Positioning For LeBron James & Lakers To Use In Game 2 Against Nuggets

Draymond Green has been an essential part of the Golden State Warriors, the team that won four championships in the last eight years. However, the defending champs could not extend their dynasty this season as their run got predominantly ended by the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Semis. But Green, as usual, has continued to use his podcast to talk about the ongoing NBA season.

While talking about the Lakers’ brutal loss to Denver Nuggets in Game 1, Dray stated that they should not feel too bad after the loss. According to him, the Lakers can beat the top seed of the West if they don’t make the same mistakes as in Game 1. Evidently, LeBron James was pretty upset about the slow start that cost them the game. He even mentioned that in the first 24 minutes, his team allowed the rivals to take control of the game. As James stated, “We let ourselves get punched.” Moreover, the Lakers’ coach Darvin Ham felt that they gave away easy opportunities for rebounds. But LeBron’s best friend, Green, has come out to suggest some important aspects that might help the Lakers level the loss.


Draymond Green Uses His Podcast To Advise Lakers How To Stop Nuggets

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Draymond Green, in his podcast’s recent episode, discussed what should be the game plan for the Lakers against the Nuggets. The Warriors’ forward suggests that Jarred Vanderbilt should guard Jamal Murray. And perhaps LeBron James should take care of Nikola Jokic. Green says that it is essential to keep a strong guard for Jokic and Murray at all times. Although the Lakers can switch James with AD on the rim to guard Jokic. But the Warriors’ player emphasized guarding Murray as well. This way, the Lakers might be able to put pressure on the Joker’s passes. Dray also feels that Nikola will find ways to score points. But that won’t hamper a lot of Lakers’ plans.

In Game 1, Jokic scored 34 points, and in the last quarter, none. The Lakers managed to close the gap a bit in the final twelve minutes. They lost, but it is all about keeping Murray and Jokic contained. So, if the LA side can do that, Green feels that James and AD’s side will overcome the challenge of the Nuggets. Apparently, Nikola Jokic and the team took full advantage of the Lakers’ mistakes in Game 1. However, in the fourth quarter, when they were already too far behind, Ham’s tactic of using Rui Hachimura to guard Jokic paid off. As a result, the Joker could not score any points in the fourth quarter. The Lakers made a strong comeback reducing the deficit to three points. However, it was too late for the Lakers to get a victory out of that game, as the Nuggets managed to score three more points winning the game 132-126.

Green Compares LeBron James And Victor Wembanyama

LeBron James Victor Wembanyama
LeBron James Victor Wembanyama Source: Sporting News

Further in his podcast episode, Draymond Green brought up the topic of “Who’s a better prospect”? This is because the 2023 NBA draft pick Victor Wembanyama’s name is spreading in the NBA community like wildfire. Although the Golden State forward compares LeBron James with the current no. 1 prospect, Victor Wembanyama. Some people say that Victor is the best prospect since LeBron in 2002-03. Dray also acknowledged that Victor is a special talent. However, according to Green, it is hard to understand the phenomenon that LeBron was just 15 years old when he got drafted. And for Green, he (James) was a very big prospect. The Warrior feels that LeBron James is the all-time greatest prospect, and Victor is the second best.