Lewis Hamilton-George Russell
Lewis Hamilton-George Russell

The Mercedes W13, probably the weakest car that the Brackey-based factory has developed so far, will have the last run in Jerez, Spain. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are all set to drive the woeful Mercedes car to complete the Pirelli tyre test. Along with the Silver Arrows, the drivers of Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso, and Lance Stroll will finish their two days of tyre testing in their 2022 model of the car. This will be the final evaluation of the testing compound for 2023.

As reported by the Spanish publisher, Marca, all the drivers will be covering over 100 laps. However, there will be no timekeeping as it will be a behind-closed-doors test. The most relieving thing is to know that this will probably be the last time when Lewis Hamilton will have to touch the car that broke his winning streak. According to the Mercedes engineers, they have changed the car underneath. And W14 will be a completely different car than the last year’s.

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The only issue that risked Hamilton’s life once and his dignity all the time was the PORPOISING. In 2022, for the first time, Mercedes was filled with bouncing problems. They also faced hydraulic failure, which prevented the seven-time world champion from finishing the season-ending race. Such an irony, in 2021, Hamilton was about to win eight world titles in Abu Dhabi. And in 2022, he even could not finish the race. Formula One is about cars! Indeed.

Mercedes Invested On Tools To Solve The Porpising Issues

Not only are the drivers responsible for the win, but also the engineers working in the factory hold the same responsibility. Last year when FIA ended the turbo hybrid era, team Mercedes was found to have a lack of experience. As a result, they failed to adapt to the new ground effect rules. Thus, through the entire season, Hamilton and Russell kept on struggling to survive as the title contenders.

However, after several aerodynamic developments and a final upgrade of the car, W13 became one of the most competitive cars on the grid. In the United States Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton got a P2 which was a good outcome for the front wings upgrade. The team analyzed the car’s performance and finally invested in new equipment that would solve the porpoising problems of the car.

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Listening to what Mercedes’s technical director says is kind of relieving for fans. Ahead of the 2023 Formula One season, Andrew Shovlin said to Autosport, “The way that Mercedes is working and assessing developments on the car is exactly what we have been investing in.” He believes that the investment has been made with hopes of making the car quick as it was not what we had envisioned it. If the team had gone flat with the upgrades heads on, the car would have developed quicker. However, “It was a case of trying to crack the code of what was happening with the aerodynamics of W13.” And as a matter of fact, Mercedes has cracked it already. “We know what we chase for future performance,” said Andrew Shovlin.

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