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Mercedes Copy Red Bull’s Design To Make A Huge Comeback In The 2023 Season?

After the last year’s disaster, Mercedes had to wait a long time to get a chance for redemption. They got their chance, but the racing team could not utilize it. After the three days of pre-season tests, it could be said Mercedes has made necessary changes that helped it solve a lot of last season’s problems. Last year the drivers could not do well due to porpoising issue with the W13 car that caused a lot of bouncing. But the engineers and the whole team of Mercedes did a spectacular job fixing that problem in the new W14 car. The new vehicle does not have too much issue with bouncing but a lot of trouble with the balance. However, the quality of the new Mercedes car is no match for the RB19 car of the current defending champion team.

After the Bahrain Grand Prix is over, Red Bull tops the chart again. Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) and Carlos Sainz Jr. (Ferrari) follow the Milton Keynes team. Lewis Hamilton finished 5th place and George Russell in 7th. Albeit, Lewis Hamilton still has the best record in Bahrain GP. However, everybody is wondering if the car is better than before, then why Mercedes had such a poor start to the season. As such, a poor outing in Bahrain is not very acceptable from a team like Mercedes.


Ted Kravitz Believes Mercedes Should Copy Red Bull

Mercedes AMG

The W14 car might have fewer problems than its predecessor, but there is a lot of work to do on the vehicle. Ted Kravitz of Sky Sports has suggested Mercedes boss Toto Wolff look for a backup car that has got all the qualities of RB19. Toto, after the Bahrain race was over commented that it was just the worst day for racing. Kravitz has firmly objected to this comment of the Mercedes Principal.

The Sky Sports reporter mentioned, “it is clear enough that Toto understands where the problem is. That there is an enormous gap between Red Bull and Mercedes. There are even two more teams in the form of Aston Martin and Ferrari in between Wolff’s and Horner’s teams.” The idea of the W14 car is not working anymore, and they have to do something as Aston Martin did.

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14

Alonso and his team’s car is engineered after many ideas the team took from Red Bull. Kravitz emphasizes that Mercedes has got to do something exactly like that to save itself from another embarrassing year. Ted Kravitz says that Red Bull’s car should inspire all, especially the German team. Last year they messed things up, too, as the Brackley team took a lot of time to understand their problem.

When they finally figured it out, it was too late. Fans of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes will hope Toto and the team won’t repeat a similar mistake. Toto Wolff and the team are busy with their Imola upgrade that is already in production. Whatever Plan B the team comes up with, they need to be careful. Mercedes will have to keep in mind the cost cap at the end of the day.