Chances Of The Lakers To Reach Playoffs More Prominent With Anthony Davis Leading The Squad


The Lakers have suffered a lot throughout the current season. At first, the team was confused due to an imperfect mix in the roster. The front office thought that the trio of stars – LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook would get them over the line. But that was not the case as it instead caused a lot of problems. Anthony Davis sustained an injury last December, ruling him out for several matches. LeBron James carried the team till then. But right before the February trade deadline was over, the Lakers were able to buy some quality players who would fit perfectly in their roster. Players like D’Angelo Russell and Malik Beasley are quality recruits.

However, despite the Lakers looking more balanced, the team was not devoid of problems. After Anthony Davis came back, the fans thought the pair of James-Davis would do the trick. Less than twenty games left, and the Lakers need a streak to climb up fast on the table. But to the utter shock of the fans of the Lakers, their leader, LeBron James, hurt his foot and is out for a couple more weeks. LeBron James still sits on the bench to support his team in any way he can. People can see him wearing a walking boot, which is not a good sign. King James is 38, and he needs to return to the lineup as soon as possible.

Anthony Davis Is The Only Remaining Hope

LeBron James Anthony Davis Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers)

Meantime the new recruit of the Lakers, D’Angelo Russell, is gone too after he sprained his ankle and has missed five games on the trot. Needless to say, Anthony Davis looks pretty alone on the quest to keep hopes alive for the Lakers. There are a lot of speculations if AD alone can take the Lakers to the postseason. But if he can carry on the momentum from Sunday’s match against the defending champions.

Then there is a good chance. On Sunday, the hosts met the Warriors, who are climbing up on the table at a rapid speed with their leading man, Steph Curry has returned. It was quite a daunting task to beat the Warriors with Curry in the lineup, but the Lakers without James made it possible. However, the credit goes to the never-giving-up attitude of one guy called Anthony Davis.

Will Lakers Qualify For The Playoffs?

Anthony Davis LeBron James Lakers
The Lakers’ two most important players. (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)

The eight-time All-Star scored an impressive 39 points along with 6 assists and 8 rebounds against the Warriors. But the question is, how far can AD take the Lakers alone on the table? There is no certainty as to when D’Angelo Russell will return as well as things are not looking good with the King’s feet. Currently, the Lakers are tied with Utah Jazz and battling hard to get to the top ten.

But they are the 11th seed in the Western Conference. Making the 10th seed will confirm their participation in the play-in tournament. Will Anthony Davis be able to repeat his brilliance of the Sunday game in the next few games till the King and the new recruit return? But certainly, AD proved he has what it takes to win matches single-handedly.