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“LeBron James Is Best According To All The NBA Players” Joel Embiid Glad To Play With The Lakers’ Ace

LeBron James has been counted among the best players ever since he entered the NBA universe. In his twenty seasons long career, the King has won innumerable accolades. There are very few records left for LeBron James to break. LeBron James is now holding a very special record that belonged to the one and only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for 38 years. The record holder for the leading scorer in NBA history was the “Captain” for four decades.

But now it is the King wearing the same jersey as the “Captain.” LeBron James is also gradually rising higher up the list of All-time top assists. But the King has made it clear that even though these records are very special, winning championships is the true motivation for him to play for so long. That’s the biggest driving force for LeBron James.


Greatness Of The King

LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers

LeBron James has won four NBA championships till now—two with Miami Heat and one each with Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers. King James is 38 now, but still, there has been no sign of depreciation in the level of his performance. His average is still almost 30.0 points per game. However, in a team game like Basketball, individual brilliance is not everything. A team needs to have the right balance and needs a few other things like luck to go their way.

Albeit, the Lakers managed to get the right mix they had been looking for since the beginning of the season. They are missing the King due to a tendon injury in his foot. LeBron James is walking wearing a walking boot to almost every match to support his team. This level of dedication earns the King respect from all over the NBA family. It shows the greatness of an individual when a contemporary fellow professional says someone is ahead of their time or simply the best.

Joel Embiid Calls LeBron James “The Best”

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The 28-year-old Cameroonian Joel Embiid calls LeBron James the best NBA player ever since he entered the tournament. Embiid is currently playing for the Philadelphia 76ers and has been in impeccable form. Even King James picked the 28-year-old in his choice of the starters for the All-Star game in 2023. The Cameroonian was speaking to Fox Sports when he said that King James is among the most intelligent players there are. Joel Embiid proceeded to say that if someone so smart picks a player as one of the first picks for the All-Star game. But if the majority of people whose vote will matter do not choose that player, then that proves only one thing. That is the majority might be wrong.                                  

The Lakers have reached a crucial juncture of the tournament when they are missing the services of LeBron James. According to sources, the King will need another couple of weeks to return to the court. With less than twenty games remaining in the regular season, fans will hope that the team keeps the hope alive. At least until King James comes back.