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Before the start of the 2022 season, it would have been hard to imagine for most Formula One fans that one of the successful teams, Mercedes, would struggle so badly. But it did. The team has not been able to win a single race in the ongoing Foruma One 2022 season. After the conclusion of the Italian GP, Mercedes currently stands at the fourth position in the points table. However, many believe that the conditions of the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix might be the best chance for Mercedes to win a race finally. 

 Can Mercedes Ace The Singapore GP?

From September 30 to October 2, Formula One racing will return to Singapore after a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 epidemic. For the 13th time, the Marina Bay Street Circuit will host the F1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix as a nighttime competition. Nevertheless, a sizable portion of the population believes that Mercedes has the best chance of securing its first Formula One victory in 2022.


Lewis Hamilton and George Russell each had numerous laps to lead in races in the Netherlands and Hungary. Although Mercedes was unable to compete for the race victory at Monza. The Brackley-based team is hoping that the constrained spaces will work in their favor. This is because Singapore is expected to demand a comparable high-downforce arrangement. 

However, given that the Italian GP fell short of his expectations based on the team\’s pre-race simulations, team principal Toto Wolff is attempting to avoid making predictions for the next GP. During a conversation, Wolff said, \”I think when you look back at the learning, we\’ve gathered over the season. We can expect Singapore to be a bit more like we\’ve seen in Budapest and Zandvoort.\” According to Wolff, the circuit will provide its share of difficulties. However, it will be a little better for our automobile in terms of the character of the turns. He is optimistic that Singapore will provide positive outcomes. 


Mercedes has dealt with porpoising and varying performance during the course of the season. Their 2022 results were impacted by it. However, the Silver Arrows remain optimistic heading into the Singapore GP. With three second-place finishes being their highest finish so far in 2022, the Silver Arrows are third in the Constructors\’ race and are yet to claim a victory. Mercedes are just 35 points behind Ferrari. They also have won three races so far in 2022, mostly because of their outstanding dependability, though.

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