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Whether it be the driver\’s championship or the constructor\’s title, Red Bull racing is marching towards them both with momentum. Meanwhile, the most successful side in Formula One history has been pushed to the second spot. Now, Ferrari\’s boss Mattia Binotto has revealed the reason behind why they have been lagging behind. 

Binotto Discuss Reason Behind Red Bull\’s Success!

The Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto asserted that severe tire deterioration is one of the primary causes of their current race trim disadvantage to Red Bull. The Italian team principal claims that his team\’s vehicle balance concerns are a result of the enhancements they made during the second part of the season. Following the Italian Grand Prix, Binotto spoke with the Italian media.


During his conversation, the team leader stated, \”I think we do not only look back at the previous two. But the last three because I would include, as well, Hungary. In the last races, I think Red Bull\’s performance has been definitely better than ours.\” Binotto notes that they continue to maintain a solid pace in races. Therefore, pure performance remains. But as the race progresses, their tires are degrading. Additionally, according to Binotto, Red Bull has been able to create a much superior automobile idea than Ferrari.

Red Bull has been able to design the car with a better balance than Ferrari, according to Mattia. He also believes that the Red Bull team has a superior vehicle. The Scuderia principal claims that the team is attempting to determine the cause and that a solution is required. And even if they are unable to make improvements this season, they will undoubtedly need to improve the following one.

Carlos Sainz Wants The Scuderia To Learn From Red Bull!

If it weren\’t for Ferrari\’s own problems, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz could have had a slim opportunity to defeat the Italians and win the title in 2022. In an interview with EFE, the Spanish driver discussed his optimistic future with Ferrari. Their objective for the upcoming season is to win the championship, and Carlos Sainz acknowledges that if they want to compete in 2023, they will need to be more like Red Bull.


According to Sainz, his squad has to improve its dependability and consistency. They should keep in mind, though, that Red Bull is their rival, a group that does things flawlessly. He said mentioned, \”We have to learn and be the ones to do them like this next year.\” Sainz has high hopes for Ferrari to compete fiercely for the championship next year. The Spanish driver views the following year as another chance to succeed.

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