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Reportedly, Toto Wolff has announced that a noticeable change is about to feature in their W14 car soon before the next GP arrives. The new concept on which Mercedes is working may seem a lot similar to Red Bull or Aston Martin. But it does not matter to the Mercedes boss because he is now ready to do everything that makes the W14 fast. Even if it takes to copy a “double-decker bus,” he said.

Indeed, the little upgrade that Mercedes brought in the W14 ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix helped the team come a little forward from where they ended the season’s opener. Mercedes may have surrendered itself before Red Bull, but they are not done bringing upgrades and progress to their car. Last year, Mercedes raised after 20 races in Brazil, but they did it amazingly. The only one but one-two finish was made in 2022 by Mercedes due to the final upgrade bought in the W13. Similarly, this year too, after realizing that the W14 needs a change, the Silver Arrows is working on bringing game-changing upgrades to the car.

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Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

“Red Bull Is Just Quick,” Said Boss Toto Wolff

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix once again proved that Red Bull is way too beyond where Mercedes was during its domination tenure. Lewis Hamilton himself claimed that Max Verstappen was the fastest he had ever seen when the Red bull star jumped from P15 to second on the podium. Eventually, Sergio Perez claimed the victory, and Red Bull remained on top with a one-two finish. But where is Mercedes? However, the question now is not that; rather, it is, “What is your benchmark?” said Toto Wolff. He looks at Red Bull and finds that they are just the “quickest.”

Instead of understanding where and what the Mercedes W14 is, Wolff finds it easier to understand the RB19 car more. After the Jeddah weekend, he even spoke to Sky Sports. The boss conceded that putting things in a different window is now allowing him to be optimistic about Mercedes’ future. “We are changing the bodywork of the W14,” he said.

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Boss Seeing Mercedes’ Quick By Following Red Bull & Aston Martin’s Concept

Not only a particular area is needed to be looked at from a perspective, but the floor and all mechanisms need reconsideration. The Austrian boss has assured that each certain area is overlooked. And following the requirements, the team in Brackley is working on it. “Mercedes team in Brackley is just flat out. And it is really nice to know that this is something we can monetize the weekends on.

Speaking of how Mercedes feels no shame in copying others’ concepts, Toto Wolff elaborated that the team is ready to opt for rivals’ designs if that makes them fast. At present, the desperation to win is enough to let Mercedes swallow their pride in remaining an innovative team. They indeed tried their best to bring unique designs but are not working. And if something is fast, they know they will do it. He doesn’t care if Red Bull or Aston Martin has done it too.

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Aston Martin at Jeddah Street Circuit

In addition, Toto Wolff explained, “You can call it Red Bull or Aston’s concept. Here it is like, even if it looked like an English double-decker bus, The Silver Arrows is ready to do it in terms of making the car fast.” And if the reigning champion team finds it a problem, They can put a little sticker,” he said jokingly.