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A few weeks ago, a German newspaper broke the news of Red Bull allegedly violating the budget cap. And last week itself, Formula One\’s governing body, FIA, revealed the findings of the investigation into the alleged breach. The compliance certificate revealed that Red Bull indeed exceeded the allocated budget limit. Since then, there have been speculations about what punishment the team will get. Now, McLaren boss Zak Brown has his say on the matter.

Zak Brown Believes Budget Breach Is \”Cheating\”!

The FIA recently verified rumors that Red Bull exceeded the budget cap in the 2021 season. They called the Austrian team\’s infringement \”procedural and minor overspending breaches.\” However, now, Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren, wrote a stern letter to the FIA. He demanded harsh monetary and athletic sanctions for teams that went beyond their budget limits. According to Brown, any team that violates the spending cap is dishonest. Given that Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin broke the regulations, he requested severe punishments.


In the letter addressed to the governing body, Brown urged the organization to penalize infraction-committing teams with significant limitations on their capacity to create cars for 2023. The BBC has seen the letter, allegedly leaked and meant to be private correspondence. It was also delivered to the six other teams Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine, and Alfa Romeo. And Haas was not deemed to have violated the financial rules this season.

Zak Brown\’s letter represents the most unambiguous position on overspending. Lately, Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto have been already exerting pressure on the FIA to rapidly and effectively penalize Red Bull for its spending excess. The governing body characterized the Austrian team\’s infraction as procedural and minor expenditure infractions. 

The FIA has validated suspicions that Red Bull was over the budget cap in the 2021 season. FIA has not provided any additional information regarding Red Bull Racing\’s and Aston Martin\’s violations. Given that spending corresponds with performance and development, it is particularly intriguing to know how much RBR has spent above the allowed amount.

Fans Demand FIA To Hand 2021 Title To Lewis Hamilton!


The 2021 F1 world championship was one of the most closely contested in recent history. After going neck to neck in the entire season, Max Verstappen finally defeated Hamilton at Abu Dabi with a small margin of just 8 points. However, last week FIA confirmed that Red Bull breached the budget cap.

Since then, fans have been demanding FIA hand over the 2021 title to Lewis Hamilton. Although the FIA has not yet imposed penalties on the Milton Keynes team, Verstappen will not be required to give up his 2021 championship. The Red Bull driver won the Japanese Grand Prix last Sunday to clinch his second World Drivers\’ Championship.

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