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Many sports around the world have their own fan base comprised of different types of fans. However, unfortunately, a small part of these fans are toxic. Similar is the case with Formula One too. The most recent victim of this toxic fan culture is Red Bull and Max Verstappen. 

After the Brazilian Grand Prix, Red Bull and Max Verstappen were embroiled in a major team-order dispute. There were some very significant internet rumors and suspicions as a result of the team instructions dispute amongst the players.


Red Bull And Max Verstappen Face Abuse!

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was apparently involved in a controversy during the Brazillian Grand Prix. Many were hoping Verstappen might help out his teammate Sergio Perez to help him finish the second position. However, Verstappen did not do that. As a result, Mercedes\’ George Russell won the Grand Prix. This led to a rift between the two drivers and to some anger among the fans of Red Bull.

Max Verstappen

However, the internet is not a perfectly regulated environment. Fans and people alike are free to maintain their opinions, filtered or not. Following the events of the Brazilian Grand Prix, things were very heated concerning Max Verstappen and his motivations. The rumors have not ended despite Perez and Red Bull\’s clarification. Furthermore, Perez expressed his regret for making those remarks.

The online hostility toward Red Bull and Verstappen, in particular, persists. Twenty percent of the remarks sent to Verstappen were abusive, and nine percent were classified as high risk. Red Bull, on the other hand, got 14% of the comments that were abusive, with 4% being classified as \”high risk.\” Additionally, the harassment was not restricted to just one media figure. Will Buxton and Max Verstappen, two online media personalities, both experienced comparable levels of abuse.

Lewis Hamilton Have Different Thoughts On The Issue


After a string of scandals hit his former title rivals, Lewis Hamilton compared Max Verstappen and Red Bull\’s off-track drama to a \”Kardashian show.\” This happened when he was questioned about the current campaign and Red Bull\’s spending cap violation. The Mercedes driver emphasized that he is eager to watch Drive to Survive\’s upcoming season to learn more about what transpired at the squad.  

Red Bull was caught up in a team orders battle, which caused schisms between Verstappen and Sergio Perez. This is true even if Red Bull dominated the season and Verstappen secured 15 victories en route to both world championships. Hamilton admitted to feeling like there is a small amount of a Kardashian show going on on Channel 4.

This is true even if Red Bull dominated the season and Verstappen secured 15 victories on the way to both world championships. After missing out on a record-building eighth F1 championship title on the very last lap of the previous season, Hamilton previously acknowledged that the Red Bull budget cap controversy was a blow to his feelings.

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