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Max Verstappen All Set To Recieve “Laureus Sportsperson Of The Year Award” For The 2nd Time! Competing With Messi & Mbappe

After beating the seven-time world champion in Formula One, Max Verstappen became a challenge for the legends of all sports, including Football. Standing neck-to-neck with Michael Schumacher in terms of holding the record for winning most races of a season, Max Verstappen is gradually getting used to beating the legends. Recently, in a competition, Max got the opponents like Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe to win the top prize at the Laureus Sports Award.

Within the past two years, Max Verstappen has achieved what he could not in his entire 25 years of life. He became back-to-back world champions after beating none other than the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton. This, in a way, increased the value of his trophy even more. The last season of Formula One was completely dominated by the Red Bull star.

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He not only won the second world title, but he also won it with four races remaining. Just after winning the Mexican Grand Prix, Max finally brought rain in the drought of Red Bull’s constructor’s championships. After eight years, the team got the title back. The dignity that was once raised by Sebastian Vettel in 2012 was once again found through Verstappen’s courtesy. If even after this, Max Verstappen does not deserve to win the most prestigious award in the sports world, then who does?

Max Verstappen Feels Honored To Be The Nominee Of the Most prestigious Award Of The Year

The nominees selected for the above award include Steph Curry from Basketball. From athletics, Mando Duplantis got the chance. Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe from Football. Rafael Nadal from Tennis and from Formula One, none other than reigning world champion Max Verstappen got nominated for the award of the Year.

Max Verstappen

It is interesting to see what Max has to say about getting named into one of the most dream lists. “It has been an honor to be nominated for the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award.” He claimed that 2022 winning the championship was an incredible moment for him. For Max, it is such a prestigious accolade. The best thing about getting into the nominations is the fact that it includes the world’s best athletes.

Now Max Verstappen is once again ready to beat the Mercedes superstar. He is all set to become a back-to-back three-time world champion. During the car’s launch day, people could see the preparations of the driver on his face. The jawline and the perfect-fit body, Verstappen was showing the result of the hard training he had been receiving during the off-season.