Red Bull

The man behind Red Bull’s spectacular journey in Formula One is none other than the British engineer Adrian Newey. Under his guidance, several rookie drivers became the motorsports world champions. He developed a four-time world champion, a legend like Sebastian Vettel in Red Bull. And now, once again with Max Verstappen, who already got two titles, the Milton Keynes-based team is heading to announce the beginning of their era. Even when Adrian is not with Red Bull, he has helped the team become “the strongest” on the grid, as suggested by Christian Horner.

The ‘technical department’ of a Formula One team plays the same role as the driver in terms of achieving victories. Whenever FIA changes the technical regulations, it goes up to the technical department of the team to adjust with them, and making even a single mistake in adopting the changes, leads to the downfall of the entire team.

Red Bull

At present, Mercedes and Red Bull set the perfect example for the same. Last year, it was not just a battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen; the competition, as a whole, involved the technical counterparts too. James Allison from Mercedes and Adrian Newey was, in fact, the main characters, holding responsibilities for providing better cars to the drivers. Allison and Mercedes’s technical department had zero experience with the ground effect floors. On the other hand, Adrian Newey, who is an “encyclopedia” on his own, is a master in the above. Red Bull’s spectacular double championship win credit goes to Max Verstappen but also to Newey.

Red Bull, Has The Best Technical Director, The Reason Why The Team Wins

However recently, for the past few years, Red Bull has been losing their “encyclopedia” man, Adrain Newey. Due to some other work beyond Formula One, Newey is refusing to do his duties in Red Bull day-to-day. When Adrian Newey was in Williams, the team rocked; again, when he is in Red Bull, it is stunning, but the news that Newey is not working with Red Bull as much as he used to before did not come in a negative sense. In fact, Horner revealed it with a very bold and optimistic statement for Red Bull.


In an interview with Autosport, Christian Horner claimed that at present, Red Bull comprises “the strongest technical team they have ever seen over last few years.” About the technical director, Adrian Newey, the boss of the Milton Keynes-based team, said, “He has encyclopedic knowledge. A fantastic technical team has been led by Pierre Wache, Enrico Balbo, Ben Waterhouse, and Craig Skinner over the past few years.”

Meanwhile, Horner also revealed that Adrian Newey is not leaving his job. Actually, he is splitting his time between Red Bull Advances technology and Formula One. This is the reason why “Newey has stepped away from the day-to-day responsibility in Formula One.

Adrian Newey
Adrian Newey- Christian Horner

Now that the team already has the best technical department, Adrian Newey has been allowed to look for the Valkyrie project and the RB17. And it certainly does not mean that there will ever be Newey’s absence in Red Bull’s important decision-making. Adrian is still there on the team; just 50% of his attention has been diverted to other work. And that is how Red Bul stands taller than Ferrari and Mercedes on the grid. With the best technical team, Red Bull once again is ready to win the double championships in 2023.