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Christian Horner Believes Red Bull Is “BEST” In This Crucial Area Than All The Teams! CHECK OUT

There are only three teams in Formula One at present that battle for the championship title, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.
Today we will talk about Red Bull, the team who just completed its dark era and brought back the winning strikes passing through the journey of 8 years. Red Bull now has one of the best drivers in Max Verstappen. It has the best boss, Christian Horner. And don’t forget the protagonist, the ‘technician’ who holds the responsibility for providing the best cars.

‘The technical department’ of Red Bull, which has been led by Adrian Newey since 2006, plays a major role each year in Red Bull’s championship wins or losses. Under the guidance of Newey, the team has won six driver’s championships and five constructors’ titles. But did you know that the team is now losing this gem day by day? Adrian Newey is lighting his shoulder from his duties in Red Bull and getting involved in other things beyond Formula One.

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Now the question is, What is the status of the Milton Keynes-based team without Adrian Newey? Is the team still as stable as it was? YES! According to Christian Horner, despite losing Adrian Newey as the technical director of the team, Red Bull still has the “best team.” And they are still the “strongest” team of Formula One, especially in dealing with crucial areas.

The 64-year-old technical director made the team stand strong among all. But due to some work elsewhere, he had to take off of his duty from the Austrian racing team over the past few years. His responsibilities in the team are getting reduced day to day, and yet the technical department is the strongest. Christian Horner recently came out to speak on Adrian’s changed behavior towards Red Bull.


Adrian Newey Only paying 50% Attention In Red Bull, Yet They Are The Strongest

He said to Auto Motor und Sport, “Adrian Newey has stepped back from his day-to-day responsibility in Formula over the last few years.” However, it does not mean he is taking a rest and retiring from work. Newey is splitting his time hours between Red Bull’s advanced Technology and Formula One. He is also focusing on Sailing’s Americas Cup, attempting alongside the four-time Olympic gold medalist, Ben Ainslie.

Christian Horner believes that Adrian Newey is a man with an encyclopedia inside. He has the knowledge that no other human has about cars, and that is how he made his team fantastic. With the leadership of Pierre Wache, the aerodynamics head Enrico Balbo the head of performance engineering Ben Waterhouse and the chief designer Craig Skinner, Red Bull comprises the “strongest technical team” ever, as told by Horner.

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The Red Bull boss revealed that Adrian Newey is doing the Valkyrie project. However, he is, of course, there in need of being drawn on. “But not on a day-to-day basis. Only 50% of his time is focused on Formula one. Newey comes to the office probably a couple of days a week.”