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The 2022 cost cap breach drama that occurred with Red Bull during the Singapore Grand Prix did not end even after the entire 2022 year got done and dusted by everyone. And if you are not yet bored of the ‘Formula One budget breaches stories,’ then congratulations! There is another long-run drama coming ahead, according to the principal of team Red Bull, Christain Horner.

Christian Horner Must Have Learned Through The Mistake

With the rising unit prices in entire Europe, it has been an arduous task for the Formula One teams to remain under the low-cost cap budget suggested by FIA in 2022. When for the first time, the governing body launched the budget system in 2021. They allowed only the spending of $145 million; going beyond even by a single dollar has been considered illegal. But in 2022, the budget was not increased. Instead, it decreased by $5 million.

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Last year the teams only got $140 million to do everything. From the salary of the drivers to repair the damaged parts of the cars. Plus, the gradual ups in the fuel rice. Things were a little more difficult last year. And so it will be no big shock if almost all teams breached the budget in 2022. As Horner says, at least six teams have gone beyond the cost cap.

However, at present, none of the teams but Red Bull is under the spotlight. After what happened to the team in 2022, all ayes are seeking even a single mistake they make. In 2022, a still unknown mole revealed the confidential information that FIA is investigating Red Bull because they breached the 2021 budget by $7 million. The rumors traveled through the air and reached the ears of the rivals who criticized the team as hell. Red Bull denied all allegations and hoped for a clean sheet in their way. But turned out that Horner was not so true to his words; FIA found that the team breached the budget by almost 2 million euros. However, they failed to submit tax credits, so a vast amount was managed in that. And only $0.5 million was considered as overspending.

Red Bull Got Fewer Crashes In 2022, So No Chance Of Budget Breach

Red Bull faced huge dignity damage; the rivals called them cheaters. The team also got penalized for the minor breach with a $7 million fine and a 10% deduction in the aerodynamics development for 12 months. But, is this the end of the “cost cap scandal of Red Bull”? Perhaps No!

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Recently in an interview, Christian Horner hinted that Red Bull might once again be found to be guilty of breaching the budget. “You could never be 100% sure,” he said. However, looking at all the aspects that develop a sense of confidence in the team for being under the budget, Red Bull is not at risk so far.

Horner believes that the one main reason why the 2021 cost cap breach controversy happened was because of the new rule. Red Bull could not once adapt to the regulations and thus committed a little breach. But last year, they were well aware of budget regulations. Therefore, “Team is confident that we should be comfortably within the cap.” said Horner. Also, the fact that in 2022, Red Bull cars met fewer collisions and very few developments they had to bring. “Nothing is 100%,” but Horner will be very surprised if the team will be found guilty once again of breaching the budget.