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Max Verstappen Once Again Supporting Rival Lewis Hamilton For A Bigger Cause! Check Out

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are arch-rivals on the track. But off the track, they stand together to take F1 Motorsport to another level. The English and the Dutch always want what is best for the sport. Several times in the past, Verstappen has shared the same view on a few topics with Lewis Hamilton. Recently, Max was one of the drivers who stood with Lewis against the FIA regarding the ban on “any political or religious statements on the track.” Clearly, this ban was a means of targeting Lewis Hamilton, who is outspoken regarding matters of equality and the fight against racism.

The Briton is the only black driver on the F1 grid. Lewis Hamilton also acts as an ambassador to increase black ownership, which is lacking in the world of sports. Equality is essential for every sport. And people need to realize that the sport will gain more popularity with more equality. Another matter Hamilton tried to highlight is the fact that no Grand Prix exists in any African country. He has, time and again, pulled up this issue. And recently, Max Verstappen also addressed the same point.


Max Verstappen Supports Lewis Hamilton Once Again

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen & Lewis Hamilton

The need for spreading Formula One to every continent is something the seven-time champ touched upon once. Recently, Max Verstappen too expressed his view on the subject of why there is no Grand Prix in Africa. Why is Africa excluded from Formula One Calendar? There are, in total, 23 Grands Prix scheduled for the 2023 calendar. But why not one in Africa? In an interview with RacingNews365, Verstappen mentioned the same as, “Logically, there should be a race in every continent.”

Since the popularity of Formula One Motorsport has been increasing, every continent should have a taste of the F1 Grand Prix.” The current double-time champion feels an African Grand Prix would be a great inclusion to the F1 calendar. In F1 history, South Africa has hosted Grand Prix on the circuit of Kyalami. The governing body and the organizers should work on the return to Kyalami.

Brief History Of The South African Grand Prix

Alain Prost Won the last South African Grand Prix

Back in 2022, there were rumors that the officials had been discussing about the South African Grand Prix. But these talks never materialized. Grands Prix in South Africa has a long history that goes back to 1934. It was a handicap race that took place at the Prince George Circuit. East London in Cape Province was the place of the race. Furthermore, top drivers from that era came to participate all the way from Europe, like Richard Seaman, a.k.a, Dick, Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth, Bernd Rosemeyer, and Luigi Villoresi, the Italian driver who won in 1939.

The 1985 South African Grand Prix at the Kyalami Circuit was controversial due to apartheid and the subsequent policy of the country. Later the Grand Prix event in South Africa did not happen until apartheid ended in 1991. The South African Grand Prix at the Kyalami Circuit briefly resumed for a couple of years. Until it did not happen again in 1993. However, if the 2022 talk resumes and the officials can come to a positive conclusion. Then the suggestions of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will get some acknowledgment.