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Max Verstappen and his team Red Bull have put forward an amazing performance in the Dutch Grand Prix. And amid all the Red Bull praise, the Dutch driver recently talked about his team\’s performance at a post-race conference. Verstappen deems the secret to the team\’s victory is its desire to do better in every race. What more he said about his consistent winning team? Keep reading to find out-

\’We Still Want To Do Better\’, Claims Max Verstappen! 

On Sunday, Max Verstappen won the Dutch Grand Prix with utmost ease. The Red Bull driver was in a unique situation because he was constantly in the lead. The Dutchman ranks among the top 10 Formula One drivers in terms of most laps led. Following the Dutch GP, Verstappen has already clocked 1636 laps, which is almost close to Fernando Alonso\’s record.


After winning his home race, Max Verstappen stated during the Dutch Grand Prix\’s post-race news conference that he already felt confident in the vehicle. He admitted that the race might have escaped their control since Zandvoort is a high-downforce track at the Belgian Grand Prix just one week prior. But in the end, it wasn\’t the situation.

Verstappen believes that the team\’s success is due to its ambition to improve with each race. Although he wouldn\’t be able to focus with the same intensity going ahead in his career at the end of the previous season. The Red Bull driver has won 10 races thus far and seems to have a few more in the bag, which is precisely what he set out to do.

He responded that every season is new when asked how he was able to duplicate or even increase such intensity. Max Verstappen continued by saying that the team\’s desire to outperform its previous performance is what ultimately determines success. The Red Bull driver also mentioned that, whether the team succeeds or fails, there is always a debrief. He added that what worked well and what needs improvement are reviewed for the future.

Verstappen Looking Forward To Monza Challenge!

Zandvoort is a high downslide track, the type which is not ideal for Red Bull cars. However, the team pulled out the track with their efforts and seamlessly won the race. Red Bull\’s RB18 is well suited for straight-line tracks like the one in the upcoming Monza track. Although, when this was asked, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen disagreed.


Max Verstappen believes that it was not like that. He said the Red Bull was fairly competitive at Zandvoort, and they came quite close in the race. Max feels that the upcoming Monza track will be comparatively easier for Red Bull. He stated, \”Not real weaknesses, but we know at some places where we are stronger than others, we know on a high downforce track that it\’s a bit of a more difficult situation to get the best out of our package.

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