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Larry Bird is regarded as one of the all-time greats in basketball. Even after his retirement, Larry has been associated with the sport in other faculties. Meanwhile, in the past, Larry has never shied away from confessing that the late Kobe Bryant was his favorite player. However, the legend has recently admitted that Lakers star LeBron James is stealing the tag of his favorite player with prolific performances season after season. Meanwhile, an old clip is also going viral these days in which the legend compares LeBron James to NBA icon Michael Jordon.  

Larry Bird Holds LeBron James And Michael Jordan In The Same League!

In terms of total NBA greatness, Larry Bird is essentially unbeatable. In the history of the NBA, Bird is the only individual who has won the Rookie of the Year, MVP, NBA Finals MVP, All-Star MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year. Larry Bird, a former NBA star and Boston Celtics icon, was one of the league\’s most dominant players at one point. Thus, his word undoubtedly occupies a prominent position in the NBA circuit.


During a 2019 interview, while talking to Marc Spears, Bird talked about LeBron and his incredible longevity. He said that in this way, he is much like Michael Jordan. In the interview, Bird stated, \”Obviously, LeBron James. I can\’t compare him to anybody because he\’s so great, just like Michael Jordan was. They\’re very special, and I don\’t know how in hell he stays healthy\”. Bird added that it is probably one of LeBron James\’ great qualities, being able to stay healthy playing that many minutes.

When he passed Karl Malone\’s record in March 2022, LeBron established himself as NBA\’s second all-time high scorer, just behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Moreover, his dream of surpassing Kareem as the all-time high scorer is now in his reach, given James\’s amazing fitness at a such advanced age. Even in his 19th season in the league, James has an average of 30.3 points per game. The King has been dominating the wooden court ever since he set foot on it almost two decades ago. Not only that, his longevity is by far ridiculous.  

Floyd Mayweather Wanted James To Sign A Kobe Bryant Card!


There\’s a reason Floyd Mayweather is nicknamed \’Money\’. In the year 2021, the boxing icon Floyd Mayweather received an iconic NBA card in which LeBron James was guarding the late Kobe Bryant. At the time, the card was reportedly worth around $15,000. However, Mayweather was not satisfied with it. He reportedly wanted LeBron James to sign it, which would have increased its value astronomically. However, it is not yet revealed whether or not Mayweather managed to get LeBron James\’ autograph on the card.

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