Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

The Dutch people are “very proud” of Max Verstappen. He is a “good driver” and will definitely win his third title this season, stated Manchester United Boss Erik Ten Hag.

Max Verstappen is a double Formula One world champion. Like legends, he wins races consecutively, eventually breaking the season’s records for most wins, and yet doesn’t receive much appreciation for some inappropriate selfish behaviors. Last year, Verstappen dominated the entire grid, defeated the Ferrari rival Charles Leclerc, and won the championship In Japan Grand Prix with four races remaining. As a result, Red Bull clinch the constructors in Monaco but failed to win the heart of his fellow teammate Sergio Perez.


In Brazil, Checo was fighting for his runner-up position, helping acquire Red Bull’s only dream, a one-two finish in the driver’s standing. But Max Verstappen adopted a selfish act just for a position ahead of his teammate. This made him lose millions of fans from all across the world. But despite this, no one can stop his fellow countryman from praising him for how spectacular he races and makes the Dutch proud.

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Max Verstappen Winning The Second World title

Max Verstappen Makes The Dutch People Proud By Winning In A Legendary Manner

He is such a winner,” stated manager Erik ten Hag after the Premier League giants Manchester United to the EFL Cup. Of course, he is. No doubt in agreeing with how Erik says, “Max showed such a massive performance.” Fans can see how the Austrian racing team has started its early dominance in the 2023 Bahrain pre-season test only. The fashion of dominating on the grid is getting continued by Max Verstappen.

And perhaps he will remain the winner for the Formula One 2023 campaign. Verstappen started his stunning days two years back when he won his first championship with a narrow margin. Just the next year, the margin was raised with a difference of 15 races from Lewis Hamilton.

All of this made Erik ten Hag appreciate Max Verstappen so much. But the surprising fact here is that Erik doesn’t mind the criticism that claims Max to be a selfish driver. The Manchester United boss instead says, “Max Verstappen is not just a good driver, but also a great personality.” He concluded the appreciation by reckoning that the Dutch people are really proud of Verstappen in the Netherlands. He wishes him good luck for his third championship battle and wants him to be the winner of the season.

Speaking of this year’s F1 driver’s championship, Max Verstappen seems all ready for the bang. He had admitted, “The progress that Red Bull made during the winter break was very good” after driving the RB19 for the test session at Sakhir. Also, for Bahrain Grand Prix, Verstappen claimed that Red Bull would show how good the testing had been for them this weekend. And not only this weekend the entire season. “Red Bull will continue to develop as every track is different in terms of behavior,” said the two-time world champion.