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It has been quite a fall from grace for the Italian-Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo. The current McLaren driver is set to end his contract by the season\’s end. However, team McLaren has not renewed his contract. Instead, they have signed two other drivers for the next season. Meanwhile, as everyone is doubting Ricciardo\’s future in Formula One, his rival Max Verstappen has backed his former Red Bull team-mate Ricciardo.

Hamilton And Verstappen Backs Daniel Ricciardo For A Seat In F1!

When given the opportunity, Daniel Ricciardo claimed he would be willing to accept a reserve driver position with Red Bull, Mercedes, or Ferrari. Additionally, the driver\’s friendships with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen could help him as he prepares to decide on his future in Formula 1. Oscar Piastri, the British automaker who signed a pre-contract agreement, will replace the Australian when the 2022 season is complete. Piastri, who had served as Alpine\’s backup driver, had been named the Enstone team\’s partner for Esteban Ocon in 2023. But the 21-year-old later announced he had signed a contract with McLaren.


For the third time in four years, Ricciardo is searching for a new team after agreeing to a sizeable pay-off with McLaren to end the final year of his deal. It\’s still feasible that he will discover another position someplace that has connections to both Alpine and Haas. Ricciardo, though, has publicly addressed the prospect of joining one of the top three Formula One team as a reserve driver, including his previous team, Red Bull, as well as Mercedes and Ferrari.

Not long ago, Daniel Ricciardo was the poster boy and the main driver at the Red Bull team. However, with the revelation of Max Verstappen, he started gaining more limelight. As a result, Riccardo was sidelined, and the tragic sequence of events for the Australian started. He wasn\’t satisfied with being the second driver. Ricciardo\’s career, though, is at a crossroads now following his mainly failed transfers to Renault and then McLaren. Because of this, the 33-year-old is probably obliged to miss the upcoming F1 season.

Lewis Hamilton Apologize To Ricciardo!


There have been rumors of Ricciardo potentially replacing Lewis Hamilton. Now the Briton has responded to these rumors. Hamilton has stated that he would \”always be with Mercedes\” and that he may \”compete for quite a bit longer\” despite reports that Daniel Ricciardo may take his position. It further follows a rumor that, if Hamilton chooses to leave the sport, Ricciardo may take Hamilton\’s place as soon as possible.

However, by claiming he could continue competing in Formula One for many more years, Hamilton used the chance to ease concerns about his F1 career. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton came to Ricciardo\’s defense and claimed that he should certainly be on the grid next season. He said, \”I think he should be racing. I think he\’s far too talented too. He\’s earned the right to be amongst us all racing.\”

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