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Max Verstappen Facing Strong Backlash Amid Lewis Hamilton Chosen To Lead ‘Catalyst For Change’ Discussion In F1’s Pre-Miami 

Formula One is a sport that has earned popularity all over the world, but it has still made some progress in America. And in order to make the sport famous among the American crowd, F1 will host an Accelerated Summit event on Thursday ahead of the Miami GP. The guests who will embrace the events are McLaren CEO Zak Brown and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, among many others. But there is one more special guest who will be there to warm the American crown with them, called “the catalyst for change.”

It is none other than the seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton who will be there as he is very popular in America. He has been in the sport for so long doing great things that he has gained massive popularity for his efforts. It is F1’s plan to capitalize on his popularity and attract as many people as possible. And since the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive‘ has aired, every racer has become a celebrity for the watchers. It is thanks to series and summits like this that sport is becoming famous among new audiences now.


Formula One Fans Takes A Dig At Max Verstappen While Praising Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton. Formula One Source - mecedesamgf1.com

The Mercedes driver has a massive following overall, especially on social media. There are almost 22 million followers on the main page of the F1 page. And Hamilton boasts 10 million more than that because of his remarkable career. Apart from his popularity, he has also been a figure who tends to raise his voice on issues that are important to society. His outspoken abilities, charisma, and behavior make him a relevant figure among the people. And these could be some things that could have made Formula One choose him over any other racer.

The people on the internet have taken it as a narrative that they did not take Max because of his lack of charisma. According to fans, Lewis is the real representative of Formula One racing. This is a harsh reaction from fans considering that Max is only a young prospect who has delivered lately. And Hamilton, on the other side, is a seven-time title winner already a megastar with 16 years in the F1. They even took a dig at the Red Bull current champion, saying he has no charm in him.

The race in Formula One will finally begin after a gap of one month, which came due to the cancelation of the China GP. Now the racers will finally line up on track to race each other in Azerbaijan this week. And Miami GP is also not far away, so the F1 will be available for the audience in a back-to-back action.