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Red Bull’s monotonous livery outrages few fans. Max Verstappen comes to defend his team, “Why do we need to change it?”

On February 3, the reigning champion team unveiled the RB19 model of Red Bull’s car. The team tried to make it a historical event and kind of succeeded. They launched their engine partner company breaking the long-term deal with Honda. From 2026, Ford will be Red Bull’s engine partner. Fans got to see the brand new Red Bull car, which is an upgraded version of RB18, the car that brought up the team’s dignity back after eight years. However, unfortunately, just because of the car’s livery, some of the fans remained upset. They were demanding a changed livery this time. But just as Red Bull continued the same navy blue, fans found it unpleasant.


Meanwhile, Max Verstappen emerged to take part in his team. What’s in color? Red Bull is already performing at a level no other team can match, so a changed livery rather than the car’s power should not even be a matter of concern. Repeating the same color for years might sound unpleasant to fans, but Max Verstappen sees no problem in it. He explained, “Red Bull’s livery has been pretty similar for a couple of years now. But I always find that a cool-looking car.”

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Some of the fans via social media demanded a purple livery; some said it should be black. But Max himself likes the same color as it is. He believes that the same color of Red Bull all over the place somehow provides an identification. And even with the monotonous livery, Red Bull has had a lot of success, right? “So why do we [even] need to change it?” said Verstappen.

Red Bull With the Same Livery, Still Stronger Than The Rivals

However, there has been a change in the livery of RB19, which is the number of brand stickers. And overall, it is a good thing for the team. Earlier, Red Bull had very few sponsors, but now with their growing number of wins, the number of sponsorships is also increasing. Very soon, all of the team’s income will get managed by the outer sources, and Red Bull will get totally dependent on the sponsor’s money, becoming the first one in Formula One so far.

RB19 chnage

Ferrari and Mercedes are launching their 2023 cars on the 14th and 15th of February, respectively. Last year, the F1-75 was the second fastest car on the grid after RB18. However, initially, Ferrari was even able to beat Red Bull. Charles Leclerc defeated Red Bull four times! But soon after the Silverstone wins, the car loses its pace. And just then, Red Bull replaced it; they started winning until the Brazilian Grand Prix. Mercedes, on the other hand, took 20 of the 22 races to prepare themselves for a one-two and only win of the season in Interlgos. The eight-time constructor’s champion team remained out of title contention this year.

Even if the Scuderia and the Silver Arrows bring a strong comeback, they will have to face the massive gap they had in 2022. This time there will be a three-way battle; predictions are going in favor of Max Verstappen.

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