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When you say Max Verstappen, an image automatically appears in your mind, which depicts him as an arrogant young man. He has had some ferocious battles with the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, on tracks and others. And unfortunately, most of the crashes he does are found to be intentional. This, as a whole, has made people call him “Mad Max.” And, after the disputes occurred between him and his teammate Sergio Perez in Interlagos in 2022, Max Verstappen got another allegation, “He is Selfish, also.”

However, is it correct to judge a driver by the moves he takes on track? With the frustration and pressure of finishing the first, Max Verstappen often gets regarded as an arrogant driver, but the one who knows him closely beyond the tracks will never say so. There is a very humble side to the Dutchman which remains hidden. However, sometimes, the camera captures him doing things that no one ever expects. Recently on social media, a video of Max Verstappen is getting viral in which he can’t even take a compliment.

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Despite those critics who claim Max Verstappen is an angry and selfish person, he has millions of fans who love him for his gentle behavior. Max always gets appreciated y fans for the way he treats his girlfriend, Kelly Piquet. His fans know him as a gentleman. One of the pages recently uploaded a clip of the driver’s interview.

The interviewer praised him for being the fastest driver on earth, which is arguably the best compliment for a driver. But, Max replied in a very gentle note, denying the claim, he said, “Well, we don’t know. There are still unknown people out there in the world who have never even touched a racing car. But yeah, it’s okay.” The video had a text saying, “Can’t take a compliment.”

Max Verstappen Hopeful For A Nice Portrayal In DTS Season 5

Meanwhile, the Netflix Drive To Survive Season 5 is coming soon. The documentary-based series will cover behind the scenes of the 2022 Formula one season. Last year, Max Verstappen was angry with the makers for how they portrayed him. But this time, he is happy because they have brought out the natural sides of the driver, which is modest. The two-time world champion is hopeful that he will be portrayed unbiasedly in season five.

Earlier, Max Verstappen refused to participate in the show for its unfair play toward him. In an interview with, he explained what he felt about the Netflix show. Max said, “I do not like the part of the show. Netflix faked a few rivalries which, in fact, do not even exist. So I decided not to take part in it. I saw the benefits initially; you become more popular [by featuring]. But for me, this reached a level where it is a bit more like, “Keeping up the Formula One world if you know my reference.”

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However, after having a conversation with Netflix’s executives, Amx changed his mind. The makers probably apologized and promised a few conditions that made Max Say, “I hope they [Netflix] understood my message. I went through a 30-minute interview with them. I hope I will be happy watching it.” in the Red Bull NYC launch last Friday.

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