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One of the greatest battles of Formula One includes that of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. In 2021, the contest was made so intense that the Red Bull Car once went above the Mercedes one. Finally, with the season-ending race, Max Verstappen became a world champion for the first time but with an allegation of stealing the trophy from Lewis Hamilton. However, in 2022 no such thing happened; Hamilton stayed away from Verstappen\’s path to victory.

But how can the collisions stay away from the pair? It happened in Interlagos. Max and Lewis ignited their intense rivalry when their cars crashed into each other, causing damage to Verstappen\’s front wing. However, 2022 went way more smoothly than the previous year. But in 2023, things are definitely gonna get a little rough.


Last day Red Bull launched their RB19 car along with the confidence they have about this year\’s championship. The two-time world champion expressed how optimistic he is about his third championship win in 2023. Just like RB18, the new Red Bull car is also strong and ready for battle. And the one driver and rival Max Verstappen is targetting at present is none other than the seven-time world champion.

Last year once again, Max defeated the Mercedes star. Not only he defeated Lewis Hamilton, but he also gave him another reason to stay in Formula One. Now the Briton has two aims to achieve before he achieves. Beat Verstappen and take back the world title that he lost in Abu Dhabi two years back.

Mercedes, Red Bull Crash

For Max Verstappen, The GOAT Is Lewis Hamilton

Meanwhile, speaking with Sky Sports, Max Verstappen emerged to praise his biggest rival for the way he established his dignity within the 16 career years. Indeed, Formula One has given a lot of debates to the world; one of the most arguable debates is naming the GOAT driver. Some say it is Michael Schumacher, some fight for Sebastian Vettel, many sticks with the first Mercedes driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, and the rest say Lewis Hamilton.

And now, looking at the spectacular 15 wins of Max Verstappen, fans started counting on him too But ending all the debates, Verstappen yesterday shocked everyone in the world, whom Max thinks is GOAT matters to all! So here we go; according to Verstappen, the greatest of all time Formula One driver is none other than his biggest on-track enemy, Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamitlon

When even some of Hamilton\’s fans turned away, Max Verstappen came to claim that he would win once again. During the Red Bull NYC launch, the Dutch driver expressed that he feels there is nothing that can prevent Lewis Hamilton from breaking Schumacher\’s record in 2023. However, there is not only Hamilton who may battle with him this year.

Max Verstappen also mentioned Charles Leclerc and George Russell on the way. With the runner-up position and the stunning Brazilian Grand Prix win, Leclerc and Russell have made it confirm that they are capable of battling for the world title.

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