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“Max Drives Differently Against Lewis,” Toto Wolff Accuses Max Verstappen Of Purposely Pushing Lewis Hamilton

Recently, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and Mercedes driver George Russell went into some heating moments on the track resulting in some derogatory verbal exchanges. Max called George a “D**khead” and “Princess” out of frustration for the constant poke he received from the Mercedes driver during the Baku Sprint race. Apparently, the world is criticizing the Red Bull driver for using such words for the rival who was just trying to overtake. And finally, we got the response of the Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, whose statements alone get the spotlight. Wolff, rather than speaking about Russell, commented on Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s rivalry.

According to Toto Wolff, Max Verstappen adopts a different personality when he drives against Lewis Hamilton. Not only fans but Wolff too believes that the Red Bull star behaves differently when he comes nearer the Mercedes cars on the track. “Max drivers differently against Lewis,” he said. The reason behind this, according to Mercedes’ team principal, is the same generation Max & George are coming from. As Toto believes, the young duo fight hard among themselves. However, they also know and understand each other well too. Speaking of Max and George, Wolff reckons that the two of them had this situation during their Karting era. “When they were ten years old.” But it is nothing new or surprising; these are just a part of racing.


Max Verstappen Always Has Mercedes As The Main Rival

Max lewis toto wolff
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s crash in Silverstone 2021

These past few years have been all about the rivalry between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. How can one forget about the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where Verstappen clinched or, as some say, stole Hamilton’s eighth world title? The fierce battles, nasty crashes especially that took place in Silverstone, and the very controversial overtake in Abu Dhabi are just a few examples of how the pair’s rivalry goes on.

However, Verstappen’s rivalry does not end with Hamilton; it deals with all of Mercedes. Now that Hamilton remains on the backfoot this season and Russell is taking the lead, Max is targeting him. The Sprint at Azerbaijan Grand Prix was turned more interesting when at turn 2, Russell attempted to overtake Verstappen’s Red Bull driver, and the RB19 got a hole in the right side pods colliding with Russell’s W14. In the next turn, Max had to let George go! MAX had to LET GO! It’s just not his thing, but in order to save his car, he did. However, it was not peaceful after the race at all. The Red Bull driver was so frustrated that he called George Russell with so many degrading words. He even threatened his Mercedes counterpart, stating, “Expect the same thing in the future then.”

Toto Wolff Suggested Max’s Anger Towards George Came From The Defeat By Sergio Perez

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff Mercedes boss

Meanwhile, Toto Wolff responded to the event as “They were all pissed off when they lost!” He is apparently true because Max just does not like to lose, not to his teammate Sergio Perez who got the lead in the Sprint and the GP as well. With the loss and a hole in the car, “You are obviously angry,” said Wolff. The Mercedes’ TP explains Max’s scenario as if it was his way of expressing anger. But being a driver, “As long as you are authentic about letting the anger out, it is good.”

Wolff claims that the Dutch driver is very straightforward. However, there is a good thing about HIM, “Max forgets about it an hour later.” However, Christian Horner, who claims Max to be an elephant, does not think so. The Red Bull boss has warned George Russell that Max will not forget about his act and he must expect revenge soon.